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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Super Freak, Aug 30, 2016.

    I'm looking to change from Optus, to save a bit of money.

    I've heard TPG are pretty good, is there anyone currently using that service that can confirm that?

    I live in Rothwell and I've spoken to them and they said given the fact that I'm within 1.5km's of the exchange, which they say they have made upgrades at, that they can guarantee speeds up to 24MBps on a good day. They said they have their own ports there but it's a Telstra exchange so I'm not sure what the go is there.

    But, my question is, how often are those good days?

    I've had a look on the whirlpool forums and I've seen posts from years ago where people said they were great to start off with, then they just went to crap. But those posts were a good 5 years ago so I'm wondering if they have improved since then.

    If Dodo was any good, I would go with them, but I know they are complete crap which I think is why they are so cheap.
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  1. I have TPG and mine was a reverse of that. It started off very poor speeds (5mb at best) now it's decent with speeds of around 12mb
  2. Renegade

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    been with tpg for a while now, ive never had any issues with service/speed.
    No way you'll get 24 on ADSL. I seriously doubt it. You'll probably get around 16.

    I'm with TPG for work, they're fine, good service, good price, good support on the rare occasion it's needed. I don't have anything bad to say about TPG.
  3. 16 is still better than what I'm currently getting.

    I get about 9-10 at the moment which is just unacceptable on ADSL2 for the price I'm currently paying.
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  4. Small chance you'll get better speeds from a different provider, as the main reason for the speed is the line quality and distance from the exchange, which will remain the same.

    Of course, Optus infrastructure could be crap, overloaded, or both... but somehow I doubt you'll get better from anyone else bar Telstra.
  5. As Porthoz said, the provider will likely make little difference. You certainly can't compare speeds to other people as the lines are different per house.

    They wouldn't have said the word guarantee either. If they did, they would have been saying that they can't guarantee. 1.5KM isn't too bad, you won't get 24mbps.

    Telstra Exchange is just the building, them having their own equipment is good, it means you have access to their unlimited bundles, instead of relying on Telstra. It will still be Telstra lines to the house, so if the copper is old as ****, you're still up the creek. Not quite as far up as [MENTION=8215]Morkel[/MENTION].

    TPG rocks. no NBN in your area yet?
  6. It's also important to note.

    24mbps does not equal 24MBps. You won't get 24MB/s on any residential connection in the country.
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    I used to sync at about 20mbps when I lived 900m from an exchange. It also depended which wall port I plugged in to, the other one only gave 6mbps
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    When they guarantee you will get up to 24mbps that's exactly what they mean. Up to. Your connection will be somewhere between 0 and the usually-stated maximum speed of an adsl2+ connection. Unless Optus have buttloads of contention across their network or are way undersubscribed on their international links (or TPG are) you should get roughly the same speeds as now. I may be wrongbut the one aspect you may find improves is Netflix if you use it. IIRC Optus and Telstra refuse to peer with Netflix but I'm not sure about TPG or other providers. This may mean you get better speeds and/or Netflix data is exempt from any quotas.

    For what it's worth I used to have iinet dsl and the service and prices were excellent.
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    Been with TPG since roughly 2010 - first on ADSL2 and now NBN. Have had absolutely no issues.

    Also have two mobile services with them with no issues either.
  10. Dash

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    Ditching my TPG ADSL for Optus cable. Getting installed on Tuesday. Paying the exact same price too.

    Had enough of my ADSL speed. In peak hour speeds were so slow that videos were unwatchable, even when turned down to 240p. Off-peak wasn't much better.
  11. Have fun with the shitty locked down Optus modem.
  12. I can't wait till I have the NBN in my area so there's actually genuine competition for ISPs. As it is now, I have Telstra cable and nothing else comes close.
  13. Optus don't even let you change the DNS!
  14. They tried to get me to switch to Optus cable. 1000 nopes. I've had Telstra cable for over 6 years now and it's **** flawless, could not be more impressed with the service. I don't know how good or bad Optus cable is, but I'm not switching from something that I've never had one complaint about.
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    I'd go with Telstra, but it costs 80% more for the exact same thing.

    Thanks for the horror stories boys!
  16. Optus shoudl be fine. It's important to note though, their cable network is very old, and it's recently been advised that NBN Co (who own the HFC network now days) are not moving forward with it as part of the NBN.
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    That means I might get brand spanking new fibre then right? Although, we aren't even on the NBN schedule yet, so it'll be 2025 by the time it is installed. As long as I can get over 8mbps in the meantime I'll be happy.

    I've had optus ADSL for years prior to geting TPG. Only swapped over because they stuffed up when I moved house and left us without internet for 3 weeks. TPG, despite having to piggy back off Telstra, had the problem sorted within 2 days. Other than that Optus were great.
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    That seems really, really strange that you're in an area that Optus has HFC but no provider has ADSL2+ on their own equipment.

    Not 100% sure what they're doing with cable areas on Optus yet. But the speed will be pretty good anyway, I have a mate who always tests around 80 - 105 mbps.

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