Looking to change internet providers

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Super Freak, Aug 30, 2016.

    I probably don't need unlimited data, but I want it. With the amount of Linux ISOs I'm downloading, I will go over every now. I've also just got a new HDD, so.... yeah. Few more Linux' required.
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    I noticed on the higher plans that extra data was charged at 1c/GB which is almost unlimited data.
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  2. Signed up for MyRepublic today. Price is too good to pass up, and TPG pissed me off tonight, so screw them.

    Wish me luck.
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    Anyone use Aussie Broadband hereabouts? I’m thinking of signing up when NBN finally gets connected here in Greenslopes over the next few weeks...

    I’m going straight to the 100/40 speed and will probably opt for the 1000GB plan. Only need so many of those Linux distros....
  3. Credit to Telstra for finally providing unlimited internet plans. So many distros I will be able to download...
  4. There are people out there could download over 1TB of stuff?

    **** hell..
  5. How have you been going so far?

    I still can't get a hold of their customer service within a reasonable time.

    I even call right when their call centre opens and still get the "high call volume."
    Oh I read some Whirlpool and actually did some research, and cancelled the shit out of it. The cancellation process was horrible, and they sucked to deal with. I had to threaten the TIO to get a confirmation that my application was cancelled. I'm glad I stayed with TPG.

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