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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Super Freak, Aug 30, 2016.

    I probably don't need unlimited data, but I want it. With the amount of Linux ISOs I'm downloading, I will go over every now. I've also just got a new HDD, so.... yeah. Few more Linux' required.
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    I noticed on the higher plans that extra data was charged at 1c/GB which is almost unlimited data.
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  2. Signed up for MyRepublic today. Price is too good to pass up, and TPG pissed me off tonight, so screw them.

    Wish me luck.
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    Anyone use Aussie Broadband hereabouts? I’m thinking of signing up when NBN finally gets connected here in Greenslopes over the next few weeks...

    I’m going straight to the 100/40 speed and will probably opt for the 1000GB plan. Only need so many of those Linux distros....
  3. Credit to Telstra for finally providing unlimited internet plans. So many distros I will be able to download...
  4. There are people out there could download over 1TB of stuff?

    **** hell..
  5. How have you been going so far?

    I still can't get a hold of their customer service within a reasonable time.

    I even call right when their call centre opens and still get the "high call volume."
  6. Oh I read some Whirlpool and actually did some research, and cancelled the shit out of it. The cancellation process was horrible, and they sucked to deal with. I had to threaten the TIO to get a confirmation that my application was cancelled. I'm glad I stayed with TPG.
  7. Foordy


    Hey guys just wondering who people are with for NBN (and what speed plans you are on).

    got a letter from TPG in the mail saying that the expected nbn connection date for my street is May 17 (conveniently my Telstra contract ends in April)

    finally i will be able to get off ADSL 1 and actually have some ISP options (instead of just Telstra or Telstra) :aaaaa:
  8. TPG > All.
  9. Go with TPG
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  10. Alec

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    I'm with Aussie Broadband and I'm happy.
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  11. @broncospwn@broncospwn showed me all their gaming talk on their site last night, so I signed up with $20 off for 6 months. Woke up today, it's already active. They just didn't tell me because the message doesn't go out until 9am to make sure they don't wake me up early.

    So I'm already impressed.
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  12. I have also done the same and the transfer process was done in 30 minutes.

    Instantly my ping has dropped 60-100ms in two different game servers. **** Telstra.

    Got a bill last night, was meant to have a $79 credit applied, they didn't apply it. I am absolutely and utterly sick of those useless **** flogs who can't get something as simple as a billing system working properly. Dead set, I've had to contact those **** at least 10 times this year alone for billing. I was with TPG for 4 years in the shop, not once did I have to make a phone call for any purpose.

    That's what prompted me to look at Aussie BB and I've siwtched this morning. **** off Telstra. Yes I'm angry. **** you you useless **** who run Telstra.
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  13. I looked at TPG when I was looking for an NBN provider.

    All I did was ask them about their plans and told them thanks but no thanks. They signed me up anyway. Sent me out a modem, then tried to slug me a cancellation fee for cancelling something I did not sign up for.
  14. soup

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    How’d you get the $20 discount? Looking to change to them too.

    EDIT: Skymeah has sold off their fixed NBN service to SuperLooper and I’m not impressed with speeds.
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  15. soup

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    I was with TPG for 10+ years. They were good in the ADSL days, but now are liars and thieves with NBN. They fucked me over here when I tried to connect to a FTTP connection, which they hooked me up to an ADSL2+ plan and then charged me like you. Ombudsman got my money back, but such a waste of time and effort.
  16. Coupon "SAYNOMORE20"
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  17. Just also realised Telstra have been charging me $49 instead of $39 for my mobile plan. How can one company be so totally incompetent at billing. They should be fined a billion plus for total incompetence, it disgusts me just thinking how many people have been overcharged by Telstra because they don't read fine print like I tend to do. If I didn't pick up on this, it would never have been fixed. They also make their bills incredibly complex to read with numerous charges that are then credited so it's all just a big mess. I have no doubt they do this on purpose.
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    Have been with Telstra for 15 years or so, I reckon I've saved myself $500 by reading the bill over that time, maybe more, the amount to times they charged me incorrectly is absurd. Hate them with a passion, but the speeds and reliability of the net itself has been flawless for the last 5 years, that's the only reason I've stuck around.

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