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Andrew McCullough will moonlight for both the Dragons and Broncos next season. He has already returned to Brisbane to work in game development while retaining a corporate connection to the Dragons. His final NRL game was when the two club met in the final round of the regular 2022 season, in which the Dragons prevailed 22 to 12:

“My gut feel was that was going to be my last game but I wasn’t fully there yet. I came up with the decision after that. It just felt right. It was my decision. I wasn’t forced to retire. I had 12 months left on my contract and if I wanted to play I could’ve. It’s funny that my last game was against the Broncos.”​
“I’m not directly involved with the first grade team so there will be no conflict of interest. They will both keep me busy. It will be a good transition for me.”​
“I’ve got some bad arthritis in my left shoulder. My fingers are gone. I’m proud how I bounced back from my ankle injury last year. A lot of people don’t understand that when you’re rehabbing there is no off-season.​
"Being a kid from Dalby you just dream about putting that Maroons jersey on. I had a pretty handy player in front of me for a while in Cameron Smith and that Queensland team never lost. If I didn’t play Origin I still would have been proud of myself. I worked hard for my teammates. Athletically I wasn’t anything special but I had to find other ways to make me who I am. I enjoyed it along the way.”​
“I’m not sure who will start at hooker for the Dragons. It’s going to be a tricky one. Bud Sullivan is not there yet defensively to start the game but he might get an opportunity off the bench. Defensively they need someone strong to start the game.”​


NRL Player
Apr 19, 2016
I watched Mal Meninga make his first grade debut for the Magpies. I was a kid at the time. That's how old I feel.
Well i was feeling my age but you just put me back into the "young wipper snipper" category. I appreciate it.
Now im off to complain about arthritis and the state of modern music


International Rep
Aug 25, 2018
Anyone spotted Macca around Red Hill?


QCup Player
May 10, 2019
Seems like he has good character and a positive influence to have around the club.

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