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Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by bb_gun, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player

    I hate to blame any loss on the referees, but he's bad right?

    Very one sided in any game that he referees.
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  2. I was hoping for Parker to take a swing at him. No I'm kidding. Or am I?...

    He's **** shit, should not be a first grade ref.
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  3. Waynesaurus

    Waynesaurus NRL Player

    Tony Archer may wish to check but I think Matt's eyes are painted on.
  4. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    The refs are generally pretty shit, there were a few iffy calls but I don't want to blame this loss on them. We are **** pathetic.
  5. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player

    We had how many forward passes called against us? And they had what, zero?

    So many momentum changing penalties that I just couldn't believe he wasn't influencing the game in some way.
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  6. Morkel


    Right after that second forward-pass call, McGuire was right next to him. I admit, I felt if I were him I'd have been really tempted to just lay one on his smarmy jaw.
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  7. Would we have this thread if he didn't just referee a Broncos game?

    There's your answer.
  8. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player

    I was tempted after he sent that grounding up as a try in the Roosters vs Bulldogs final game last year. The guy is a complete liability to whoever he refs, don't try to defend him BP.
  9. Okay, so why didn't you make a thread and why are we seeing one now then?

    Clearly you're venting and you want to point fingers but it's really missing the point.

    Whenever the Broncos cop a harsh call, there was no urgency whatsoever to resolve it.

    You'd never see the Storm of 2016 or the Cowboys of 2016 play the way the Broncos did tonight.
  10. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player

    The origins of the thread is pointless, do you think he is a good referee that belongs in the NRL?
  11. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    You mean the same Storm who get away with throwing at least ten very forward passes a game? The same Cowboys who whinged for years after their finals losses and have scared the refs into giving them every 50/50 call? **** man, imagine how good we would be if we got away with half of the shit they get away with. How many games we would win if we could wrestle players onto their backs after the tackle is finished like the Storm do or lay on them for the extra second like the Cowboys are allowed. Every week we get fucked over in the ruck and for forward passes.

    I'm not saying the refs are against the Broncos or anything. I'm saying the refs are the worst thing about our sport. Slightly below the Parramatta Eels..
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  12. Morkel


    That's the point. Normally my tin-foil shit is just banter but he has a different look, a different determination when he refs us. I wouldn't be saying the same for another game because he only refs this way against us. There was a post earlier that was spot-on - when Roberts scores he's standing there thinking of a reason to go to the video or deny it outright, and he genuinely looked pissed off when the other ref blew it.

    The other calls were shit and you could hear it in his voice that even he didn't believe what he was saying. "If he were tackled there would be no advantage". Then how was there advantage simply by moving a few metres over, in front of a set defensive line, and kick between no less than three players who were all ready for him?

    We all know that penalties are discretionary. The rules like off-side may be black and white, but the refs only enforce it arbitrarily after their third or fourth warning. There's hands and extra efforts in just about every tackle, but again, the refs only blow it when they feel like it. Markers off-side. Kick chasers blocked on high kicks. All simple rules that are simply fucked up by incompetence, and ripe for exploitation by bias. It's even been proven that the refs have cheat-sheets. Look for this player to do this. That player will try to do that. What are the odds that Thaiday and Wallace are on that list for ruck infringements and Milford is in there for forward inside passes. It's too consistent and blatant for mine.
  13. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player

    Well said Culty and Morkel (aka David Brent).
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  14. But that's the point, it's about getting caught up in the moment.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm judging you. I'm not and agree you're not the type of person who points fingers, I'm just offering my point of view.
  15. Two maybe, which is two more than Brisbane but rarely ten. You maybe thinking of the Stormers or something.

    No, the Melbourne I'm referring to is the side that has had players binned and yet they've never had their line crossed. That's even against teams like Cronulla, they're just a very resilient side, just like the Broncos were in 2015.

    Haha, fair point.

    Also, who can forget Good Friday?

    I hate to blame the referees and be a terrible sport but...

    Righteo Greeny, righteo.

    I got greedy, Melbourne Storm it is.
  16. Rabbir

    Rabbir Banned User

    I don't know why Cecchin and Badger are so **** bad. They have been doing this shit for like 10 years each.
  17. Morkel


    There have been plenty of games where we've won and still tore strips off the refs, consistently Matty C. I wouldn't think much of it except for the contrast with last year.

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but we had a really great run last year. We played well, but **** me dead if we didn't for the first time in recent memory get our fair share of calls and luck. Not biased calls or a genuine leg-up, but 50/50 of the 50/50's. Normally it's 40/60's, and it feels like 25/75's this year. It was really **** nice to watch my team get rewarded for good play and not crippled to artificially pump up the opposition.

    Draw this conclusion further - were the players enjoying a fair crack last year and owning their mistakes, but this year are totally **** bemused about being arse-raped and are therefore lacking in motivation to improve? Why put in effort when it just feels like the harder you try, the harder the refs search for a reason to cut you down?
  18. I must have missed those discussions.

    I'm sure there were games the Broncos won and you had an issue with the referee, but I don't recall people whinging in three seperate threads about it. Especially not after the Broncos lost by 19 points to a lesser side...
  19. Crazy Sam

    Crazy Sam NRL Player

    It feels like it was a lifetime ago when he binned alfie for calling him an "expletive dumbo". That was back when the cowboys were spoon contenders every year.

    Didn't have a problem with the two forward pass calls in the second half but that obstruction call at the end was a joke. Problem is it's probably how they are told to call it. Just to be clear though - it had no bearing at all on the game nor should it detract from the Panthers' good effort or the Broncos' poor effort.
  20. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    I didn't think the referring was that bad. The Waqa try was 50/50 but I thought the try we had disallowed at the end was bullshit as no Panthers defenders were impended and nobody was near him. Either way I think it's weak from some to just blame the referee all the time like some people at Alfie's bar tonight were. We were completely hopeless and got dominated so we've got bigger things to worry about than referees, we were never in the game tonight.

    BTW I was just on Fox Sports looking at the stats from tonight and I saw that the Brumbies were denied a potential match winning try in a finals game tonight that has knocked them out of the comp. I've linked it if anyone is interested.

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