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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by pennywisealfie, Oct 20, 2008.

    ok, place to talk about MMA right here. post all kinds of mma crap here.
  1. *what about luis cane today! he looked awesome against sokodjou. another star for the LHW division.
    *whats the deal with all these english fighters called Paul?
    *that shane Carwin is a beast! he has massive hands, they had to put him in 5XL size gloves! for comparison, they said Brock Lesnar wears 4XL!
    *Dunno why everyone booed the Jardine/Vera fight, i thought it was great. but Vera again looked guilty of taking it easy. and not pushing the action.
    *Leben/Bisping was a great fight, non stop action, both connecting pretty well a fair bit.
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    EliteXC has folded.
    welcome to the era of brock.
  3. So he beat Randy Couture.. details Penny....details.... :)
  4. it seemed like a pretty even fight for a while. randy was doing a lot of things that he did against Gabriel Gonzaga, who randy destroyed. and gonzaga has a similar size to brock. still, i wouldve given the first round to brock. then in the 2nd more pressing brock against the cage by randy. then all of a sudden, brock punches randy in the temple, randy goes down and never recovers. lesnar new champ, and proceeds to give a wrestling style promo lol. i so hope Nog kicks his ass after he goes through frank the wank mir.

    my fave fighter lost today as well. Joe Stevenson was outclassed by Kenny Florian who i think has a real shot at beating BJ Penn. His Muay Thai is awesome at the moment and his BJJ is just on another level. i think in all departments, Florian is as good or almost as good as BJ Penn. if the BJ Penn of old shows up, Ken Flo could be champ.

    Demian Maia has the best BJJ in all of MMA. Nate Quarry is a great fighter, but once the fight hit the ground Maia was always going to make quarry submit.
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    Just downloaded the PPV. Very fun event, enjoyedt he undercard - plenty of grappling.

    As for the main event, Brock was always going to win. It was a mismatch, poorly booked and an obvious ploy by Dana to get that belt on Lesnar as quick as possible. In my opinion, a record of 1-1 does not give you the crediblity to hold that title, but meh, he draws so I guess thats what counts.

    Should he fight Sylvia, Im sure he'll get his ass handed to him, but still, Brock Lesnar, UFC HW Champ...has a ring to it.
  6. hmm not so sure about sylvia, i think he has sylvia covered tbh. but fedor, thats another story. so hope nog fucks up lesnar tho.
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    Oh yeah Fedor would eat him up.

    F**king stoaked about Maia though. That guy just keeps getting better. The new Gracie?
  8. his BJJ is so amazing. i just love to watch BJJ done when its done like that. another guy who has mad BJJ skills, yet doesnt get much props is dean lister, he rules.
  9. ... re=related

    watch this before it gets taken down, this is INSANE. corey hill breaks his leg very badly.

    did anyone see the TUF final for anyone who hasnt seen, dont read below

    i was very impressed with junie browning and efrain escudero. i loved kaplans entrance. was happy that bader didnt put on a boring fight like his fight with eliot marshall. Vinny Maglhaes sucks so bad besides BJJ stuff. his BJJ is so awesome, but bader barely hit him and he was cowering begging for the fight to be stopped, he has no career in the ufc. should stick to BJJ tournaments. was glad to see anthony johnson get the win he should have got originally over burns. over tho i rate burns and think he won the first round, i think johnson is a future star.
  10. F*CK THAT! [icon_ee That is messed up
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    Lesnar/Mir II looks very interesting
  12. sucks so bad about nog. so dissapointed. lesnar/mir II, THE BATTLE OF THE EGOS!

    im really excited about the possible Evans/Rampage match.
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    I disagree, i think it is alot easier to become better at boxing than imrove your jui jitsu.

    Once he improves his stand up he will be very dangerous. Saying that i was cheering on Bader.

    I want to see a Junie v Leben match.
  14. its not really that im questioning his potential to learn how to box a little better, its that once he got hit a little, he kinda just lost his spirit and kinda just cowers away. His BJJ is phenomenal. he could tap out almost anyone.

    as for leben/junie, imagine the trash talking for that. that would be a good fight to see.
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    Amped for the next couple of UFC cards. UFC 95 features Maia and Sonnen, Marquardt and Gouveia and ofcourse Sanchez and Stevenson; 96 has Jackson/Jardine; 97 has Silva/Leites, which should all be good.
  16. yeah pumped to see maia again, and the fact that hes facing chael sonnen should be awesome. joe stevenson is my fave fighter so im always pumped for his fights, and 97 looks awesome, anderson and rampage on the one card!
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    i thought Stevenson was an arrogant p$%#k on TUF but i guess you might have to be to hit ppl for a living.
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    UFC 100's approaching, and as such so is the time where we can call Brock Lesnar the UNDISPUTED heavyweight champion of the world.


    Cant wait

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