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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by pennywisealfie, Oct 20, 2008.

    They staged McGregor getting jumped by 3 of Khabib's team members after losing the fight? Somehow I don't think so..

    "Hey Connor, when you lose we'll jump in the octagon right after and hit you with a few king hits, for promotion purposes of course, that cool?"
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  1. Awesome event.
    Unfortunately McGregor will be looked at as the victim which will completely overshadow the fact Khabib absolutely dominated him.
  2. ningnangnong

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    I don't watch MMA/UFC, but this motherfucker is hilarious:

    Yeah that shit was hilarious, his win was unreal as well, was getting beaten the whole fight and landed a massive hail mary with about 20 seconds to go and knocked him out, was sick.
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  3. Of course it was all staged.

    This has been arguably the most asked for fight for the past couple of years. White is smart enough to know that everyone will want a re-match and now there just so happened to be an all-out brawl which will give promoters wet dreams and make the next fight even bigger.

    These guys have the shit beaten out of them for a living.. I think they wouldn't mind copping a few punches for some extra money.
  4. Yes, Conor and Khabib (Who hate each other with the utmost passion) agreed before the fight that whoever lost would also be subjected to multiple bare knuckle bunches to the back of the head from various random individuals in order to increase the controversy and potential viewership for a secondary fight that may or may not occur in the future, all under the assumption that Khabib isn't suspended for jumping the fence to attack McGregor's jujitsu trainer, which is likely.

    Is that correct? :P
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  5. Ugly scenes but still glad Khabib won
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    Morkel has some competition.
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    Not MMA, but how about that **** draw?
  8. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    How the **** did Fury even get back up?
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    To be honest, fury should have won
    Completely out boxed wilder all night
    The fact that he managed to get a draw against a golden boy of America in America tells you he should have won. Any other country and he gets the the unanimous decision
    It was like something from a Rocky movie.
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