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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Bannermania, Aug 3, 2010.

    Looking for a new plan, kinda torn at the moment.

    I like Optus, been with them for eons, however, the reception at my house is fk'n woeful. So much that I've complained to the TIO about Optus' lack of responsbility and refusal to do anything about it. I live inner-south side, and you'd think I'd get great reception right? Apparently f*cking not.

    So.. with that being said, need a new provider. Don't want to go to Telstra, however they have the best reception in my area no question..

    This is for the iPhone 4 btw. Nashy, no complaining. But.. I need some assistance.
  1. lol. Every carrier worldwide will have bad reception with that heap of shit.

    Seriously though. If you have the option to use NextG. Do it.

    Other than that. I've been with Vodafone for f*cking ever. They are totally raaad.
  2. Telstra's data allowance is totally woeful though. They charge for every single fkn thing. I'd rather unlimited text messages with Optus than being charged a mammoth amount for going over my data limit.
    With Optus, you don't only get the great reception issues with the iPhone 4, you get access to Australia's oldest, most oversold and congested network.

    It's worth it!
  3. hmmm.. how do I go about getting those krunts at Telstra to pay Optus to take muh contract, only got a month remaining.
  4. Tell them you want your first month free.
  5. Go to a Telstra shop for me. get 'er done. haha
  6. Ring them.
  7. They're not selling the iPhone over the blower, only in store or on-line.
  8. don't go with telstra dude, not even close to competitive prices.
  9. Their network is amazing. That's why it costs more.

    They are getting better with prices too.
  10. ..not very convincing penny.
  11. Vodafone without a shadow of the doubt. They are by far the best value(price/performance) deal out there.
    The $49 cap is pretty damn good $450 calls with virtually everything included(The telstra cap has a lot of things excluded from the cap), 1.5GB data unlimited to V&3 and you get stuff like Visual Voicemail + an all round decent company quality wise.
  12. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    I am with vodafone, I get basically no reception inside my house but have full bars when I walk outside. Such a paiin but I like Vodafone.
  13. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    the optus iphone 4 plan is the best. what is it, $59 for $550 calls, unlimited free sms/mms to all networks, and 2gb of data? thats insanely good.

    telstra, well they might be good but theyre not worth the ridiculous prices they charge.
  14. Yeah AP, that's all fine and well, except I have no f*cking Optus reception at my house, I cannot do my job without reception. I hate Telstra, I truly do.. but does anyone suggest a carrier that uses their network??

    Cause I don't think there is..
  15. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    as far as i know telstra are the only ones that use their network.

    tpg is optus, vodafone is optus, 3 is vodafone which is optus....telstras all by themselves.
  16. Errr, pretty sure vodafone isn't using the Optus network.
  17. Na, you're wrong.

    Plenty of small carriers use the Optus 3G and GSM network.

    Three have their own network, and roam to NextG on 850(roam) and 2100 3G
    Vodafone use their own network in the 850, 900 and 2100 3G
    Optus use their own network in 900 and 2100

    Optus and Vodafone share towers in some reginal areas, but it's only the mast that is shared, there are two sets of equipment on the pole.

    Three and Vodafone are owned by VHA, but do not share their networks at this stage.
    Did I read somewhere that they've just signed a contract with someone to do the network integration?

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