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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by kaidenshipley, Dec 11, 2013.

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    Has anyone here experienced it? If so, what was it like? Which speed connection did you experience?
  2. Seems dubious, I think it has a limited use case but if it helps saves cost with no downside to actual productivity (speed, latency, reliability, durability, etc) then why not.
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    So this might be a middle ground between FTTP and FTTN... as it only allows for up to 30 mtrs of copper cabling. I also have no doubt that existing cabling condition will be paramount to achieve these high speeds anyway...
  3. From what I read the really high speeds required double copper cabling, and how much is 30m really?

    The wiring isn't a straight line so it would barely reach the third house on a street before degrading quickly, and the more important question is, if they require new cabling to achieve this anyway then with the physical work being the bulk of the cost is it still a good idea to go this way?
  4. Charmamba

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    I'm on the NBN now but because of where I am it's wireless, little receiver on the roof and all.

    We get on the basic tier 25/5 with a ping floating around 200, beats the 1/.5 that we got on ADSL so can't really complain I guess.
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    So, my parents place (and a lot of houses in Canberra) only had half of the regular amount of copper going to their house. Which meant no ADSL 2, and who knows what speed on this new tech. The other thing is that we're reaching the limits of what you can wring out of copper. Replacing it with fibre is an investment, as 50 years from now, scientists will be figuring out how to get 1Pb out of a fibre line.

    Personally I'd love to see a viable wireless or mesh network developed. More convenient, environmentally friendly and cheaper.

    I'm on the 100/40 plan at 1tb per month. It's fantastic, although it's not that everything loads 20x faster, it's mostly that you can do multiple bandwidth heavy things at the same time. This costs me the same as the Telstra reseller ADSL2 plan I was on before ($100 per month).
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  6. Charmamba

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    We generally have Netflix streaming on 2 devices while I'm gaming on the 3rd at the same time without issue. Can't see much point in spending more for anything above 25/5 at the point althou it's great to know the option is there.
  7. What sort of MS are you getting to Australian servers?

    Is that 200MS ping browsing or gaming, because 200 is pretty woeful for something that is meant to be the absolute bees knees of wireless tech.
  8. Charmamba

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    Ping to the Aussie Titanfall servers come in at 180 generally (Still dominate the bitches)

    Test to a Brisbane server on just then came in at 69ms
  9. subsbligh

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    Can someone explain to me in real terms what the NBN would mean for me in a practical example of downloading a file via P2P, for example.

    Currently on iiNet Naked DSL - speed promised is 1.5Mbps/256Kb.

    The best speeds I can get on the best quality torrent with heaps of seeders, is max about 450kb/s (though these days the old Bulimba exchange about 2.5kms from my house is down a lot of the time - closer to 180kb/s). So it's "weaker" by a factor of roughly 300% from what's promised.

    I actually get faster speeds tethering to 3G through my mobile.

    So yeah, I'm pretty skeptical/non-fussed about spending billions on network infrastructure when I'll probably get more of the same shit from ISPs.
  10. Can't really do it without knowing what your regular download speed is. - How fast is it?
  11. I get 4.2 mbps download for torrents or usenet on my 35 MB/1 MB connection [MENTION=1950]subsbligh[/MENTION].
    I'm on Telstra cable, but iiNet is a reputable ISP who should deliver on their promise, as long as the infrastructure to your house is sound, which is exactly what the NBN does.

    As Nashy said, test your connection at, and make sure you choose the iiNet server to test it with.
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  12. Does that change depending on the time of day? I would expect better than that. Much better.
  13. Charmamba

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    Nope that's the norm, the good thing is is held up during the mini cyclone a few months back and didn't drop out.
  14. gordjw

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    I hit 10MB/s once on a GoT episode. Yes, megabytes. The optical signal does degrade but it's at much greater distance than the copper. You wouldn't notice it at home.
  15. coreyh88

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    As a telstra employee 99% of the time you can't get adsl 2+ because the cabinet/dslam doesn't support it. They were rolling out 'top hats' to resolve it but no longer due to nbn. Pretty much the issue is ADSL2+ requires you to have the same one cable to your house but plugged into 2 ports on ISP's end. One dedicated to adsl whereas adsl1 just goes over the single phone line port.

    I have fttp 50mbps through iinet (unmetred steam with some wizardry and xbox services). P2P I've had hit 5MBps. I generally get 15-30ms ping from townsville to brissy. My Router is terrible though (Mrs made my buy a cheap dlink instead of the netgear nighthawk) So frequently need to reset/restart router or I get 1000ms ping to router (my pc needs a refresh too because i get the same problem occuring from needing to restart the wifi driver)
  16. I just got the Nighthawk R8000... awesome machine so far!
  17. Anonymous person

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    Damn, 180 isn't great. Its playable for sure, as thats what I was getting in the beta to the Asian servers and still had fun, but I get 50ms to the Aus servers and the difference is huge.

    Thats the problem with wireless though, and why it will never be a good enough replacement for wired.
  18. gordjw

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    Yeah, to me 180ms sounds like the servers aren't actually in Aus.
    Bit like Blizzard's old "Oceanic" WoW realms, they're in the same US datacentre, but the server time syncs to an Aussie timezone.

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