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    What exchange and what ISP?
  1. Waynesaurus

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    Woongarra exchange, near Bundaberg. Telstra.
  2. Kaz

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    More likely string.

    Most times when it rains, I lose the internet for a several hours.
  3. abashii

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    I used a different ISP but they did get the Telstra techs out a couple of times. Made bugger all difference and the line quality just kept getting worse over time so I eventually bit the bullet and paid out the arse for Optus HFC.

    There's no NBN in my area yet, our exchange wss slated for FTTP to be installed in 2015 (IIRC) which got cancelled after the election and now have dropped off a cliff and have no indication of what product we'll ever get. So no point in contacting Telstra about the rubbish copper at the moment, but the bit about only mentioning the phone line quality is good advice. It's how I (or my ISP really) got the tech to come out the first time around.
  4. Cable doesn't do that. Is it available in your area?
  5. Renegade

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    I live in Chermside and there's no planned rollout for my area. CHERMSIDE. **** me dead.
  6. It's because Telstra cable is available in the area. It offers 100mbps, same as fastest current NBN, so they won't upgrade yours before others who don't have access to anything faster than ADSL. Anyway, Telstra have approval to convert HFC to NBN which will likely happen within a year or so.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. ningnangnong

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    Damn son, your simile game is on point.
  9. That's ADSL.
  10. With that upload speed it can't be?

    Isn't that 25/5 NBN? Are you sure you're on the higher speed plan?
  11. It's Megabits per second in this screen, no MB/s.
  12. Oh ****. Never mind me I'm just an idiot.

    What spwn said.
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  13. No....I haven't agreed (or been asked to, for that matter) to pay anything extra.

    I will be making inquiries on Monday. Still, 25/5 isn't too bad.
  14. ningnangnong

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    Mate, you're running with the Peter Wallace of NBN connections.

    You oughta upgrade to the Darren Lockyer pack...


    During the five months I've had NBN, I think I've done more speed tests than I did during the previous 13 years of having an internet connection.
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  15. Oooo....94/37 !!!


    This 25/5 crap, simply will not do......!
  16. FYI. When I told them I wanted a better deal or I would leave, they offered the speed boost for free. Push them hard. Retentions offered it to me.

    Then I left anyway.
    [MENTION=1848]ningnangnong[/MENTION] - My TPG issued modem is now a doorstop.
  17. My understanding of the NBN plans on offer, is 12/1 is the tier 1 speed, then it goes 25/5, 50/20 and 100/40.

    25 ain't bad really, it's doable, but for me personally I would always go for the 100. That download speed is fantastic when you grab a full movie in about 2 minutes. Like Nashy said though, if you bitch and moan with Telstra, you're just about guaranteed to get a free speed boost to 100/40. I've done exactly what he did, about 2 years ago, and I've had a rolling $20 credit to cover the speed boost since then. Win. If you have a mobile plan with them, or anything else, it's going to be pretty easy to get it free.
  18. Thanks boys......that's the angle I'll be going at Telstra with.

    Super speed me for free or I'm outta here **** .....
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    Be sure to say ****, it's the magic word.
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