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    We've come to an agreement......


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  1. They'll up it to 50mbs as a gesture of good will....but won't go the extra $10 required to make it 100.

    I'll have to break a plan agreement to push the issue further.

    Yeah...apparently, an extra $20/month will get you extra fast, but $30/mnth gets you extra, extra fast.

    Fucken ridiculous really....anyway, we'll see how it goes. If I start to feel inadequate....I might have to spring for the extra $2.50/week.
  2. A bit jelly of that upload... download not so much. :wink:

    Cable is old tech. You're inferior old man.
  3. Damn you Portz....damn you to hell.

    You've made my E-penis shrivel......
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  4. You mispelled elite.
  5. I didn't in anyway mean to type that your cable is elite. Because it's not. I look forward to your complaining when they convert it to NBN and you're capped at 100mbps.
  6. NBN has failed me today with calling to external Australian territories.

    We are provided our lines via Engin VOIP over the NBN,and when attempting to call Norfolk Island, it is routing the call to a best guess solution. All 5 tests went to different location, including once to a wrong number in Antarctica.

    So... fault logged.
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  7. gordjw

    gordjw NRL Player

    That is an amazing bug!

    Did Antarctica answer?
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  8. Nah, just some test message and then telling me the number isn't correct.
  9. I'd probably blame bessie at the Norfolk island interchange. She cant type those 1 and 0s into the telegraph fast enough.
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  10. Three calls today, she was flat out.
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  11. upload_2019-4-15_19-18-53.png

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  12. HFC sucks.

    I'm on it now and it's been nothing but problematic bullshit since switching over in Jan. My suggestion is not to be one of the first to switch, let other scrubs switch early and deal with the problems. I've been without Internet for a day or two at least twice, and at the start was getting up to 15 drop outs a day for 5+ minutes. Total disaster. After 2 NBN techs coming out it's stabilised and I now get dropouts about 1-2 times a day on average. Still **** shit but whatever, it kind of works most of the time. On Telstra Cable I would get a dropout maybe twice a year.
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  13. Gotta be better than ADSL2
  14. Morkel


    Faster, but far less reliable.
  15. I dunno. Seems pretty isolated.... ish.
  16. That has not been my experience so far. Is the issue with HFC or the NBN retailer?

    Mine has been flawless in the admittedly short sample timeframe, since I had it hooked up on April 4. Consistently getting 90 plus down and 30 plus up.
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    I'm only speaking from my own experience at work. I can tell if rain is going to hit in the next 10-15 minutes because the internet goes slow as **** and then drops out. When it rains, we'll have uptime of around 5 minutes (with everything being super-slow as every computer/device in the suburb tries to catch up) and then it will drop out for maybe 10 minutes again.

    Considering our phones are dependent on the NBN, our business is unworkable whenever there is the slightest rain. At @Nashy@Nashy's advice we've hit up the ombudsman, we're now one of about 50 businesses that have complained just in our area, but whoever's job it is to fix it just simply does not give a shit, or is busy fixing up so much other bullshit that they just can't get to it yet.

    The annoying thing is that when it used to rain, the internet may slow down (rarely drop out) but the phones were at least useable.
    Speed has never been a problem, it's reliability. You may not notice it, your area might even be perfect. Every area is going to be different but the NBN didn't do a nationwide halt on all HFC connections for a year for no reason, it's because it had severe stability and usability problems and they only just resumed sales back in December but it's still far from what I'd consider reliable.

    I use things like smart bulbs, so every single disconnect is a pain in the arse and noticeable, if you're not on the Internet all day you may not notice dropouts or you might be lucky and have a rock solid connection. I use my Internet for work so it's pretty **** annoying when it drop outs. I can't do my job properly without Internet and have to rely on 4G hotspots.

    But again, mileage will definitely vary area to area. It's an issue with HFC, not the NBN retailers, they have no control over the network or its reliability, they do have control over the speed though. Without getting too technical, Telstra Cable had a wider spectrum to work with than what the NBN has and until the entire Telstra Cable network is decommissioned so the NBN can take over the entire available spectrum, it's not going to be as reliable as what Telstra cable was.

    If I had the option of rolling back to Telstra cable I would in a heart beat.
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