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  1. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    I want NBN :( Surely living right behind the Gold Coast Uni and Hospital means I should get it sooner... right? haha
  2. Your area is on the 3 Year plan. Meaning, nothing for at least 3 years.
  3. Don't you have cable there? If not, you must be very unlucky!
  4. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League


    No cable, ADSL is terrible as well!
  5. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League


    **** man, don't tell me that! I'm moving haha
  6. Telstra paraphernalia in the mail says "in the next few weeks we'll send everything you need to make the most of NBN from day one"

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  7. [​IMG]
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    Seems legal.
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  9. Linux ISOs mate. :shady:
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    Lies make baby Linus cry.
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  11. I download a lot of VMs for work... about 1TB a month. :spy:
  12. Plex + NBN. A winning team.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. So I've plugged in the new NBN long before the super speeds kick in?

  15. Something wrong there mate. Have Telstra activated it yet?
  16. ningnangnong

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    What speed pack have you signed up for and how far are you from the node?
  17. I'm not sure....but I have noted this in the flyer.

    "After connecting your gateway and home phone, your move to NBN may take 1-3 weeks."

    Is that the process you and Ning went through...?

    Well.....I haven't officially changed my package at all. I'm on a large family bundle Fast ADSL+2 (500GB). Telstra have sent me the new NBN modem and landline handset. I just figured my package will be the same....only on the NBN?

    I haven't been notified that I'm required to change packages....
  18. No. You need to ring them and actually run through the signup. It sounds like maybe they are killing off the copper in your area. But you will still need to have the switch done.
  19. Oh joy.....a phone call to Telstra.

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    Hmmm...not too bad. I was answered by a very sexy sounding young (obviously filipina) lady....and after we exchanged pleasantries she kindly answered my questions.

    Me: If I've plugged in the new NBN modem, am I automatically connected to the NBN?
    LBFM: No sir, I have you scheduled for the 27th May (~1-3 weeks time) before your NBN will be active

    Me: Do I need to sign into a new plan?
    LBFM: No sir, you're existing plan will be automatically converted to Bundle L - Telstra - Home Phone, Internet & Foxtel Bundles

    Me: What kind of speed should I expect to see.
    LBFM: Probably sir, a max speed of 20mb/s is what you can expect

    OK....thanks. (and yes, you can send me your naked pictures to my email address.
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