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    You will need to pay for higher speed too. I would recommend it. I think with them it's $20, but if you do the whole "I've been with you forever I want it free" their loyalty/retentions/cancellation team will give it to you.

    25mbps is the slowest NBN plan, it's the same speed as a good ADSL2+ connection.
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    You guys should get with internode. Son was getting conected to nbn & i was designated waiter. They turned up within an hour of set time, took 40mins to install, plugged in modem, way to go all connected 50mbps. Painless & simple
  2. 50mbps is a bit cute.
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    I thought it was 12mbps, or have they raised it?

    Because 12 seemed pretty stupid.
  4. I think that's the NBN's lowest available speed. I haven't seen any provider that actually offers it though.

    I could be wrong though!
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    TPG's standard base plan says 'up to 12Mbps'.
  6. So it is. Never mind me. Second slowest*
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Telstra "technician" coming to connect the magic wires tomorrow........

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  9. I need a new hard drive already.
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    I think by the time my area on the Gold Coast gets the NBN, I will have been dead for about 20 years.
  11. Morkel


    Similar sentiments from us here in Buttfuck, Idaho.
  12. You probably have Telstra cable available. Hence no NBN.
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    Jesus this thread is depressing. It's like being a starving man on a desert island while reading people's all-you-can-eat buffet reviews.

    We came so close to getting fibre but now will be stuck with fucked old copper which doesn't work at all when it rains to the node, or fucked unfit for purpose HFC which crawls whenever my dickhead neighbour is downloading his midget tranny v horse videos.
  14. The copper option isn't too bad where I am. I had pretty shitty ADSL speeds, but i'm getting full speed NBN on copper.
  15. I'll be really happy when I get it at work. ADSL2 is **** painful to run a tech focussed business. It's a huge chokepoint, so many things take 5-10x longer than they should be because of shit Internet. I can't wait to get some decent Internet.
  16. [​IMG]
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    I had rubbish adsl speeds, typically < 1 mbit in perfect weather and much much lower or just completely non-functional if it rained. When we had a landline it was always scratchy as hell too.
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    Well my suburb is not even on the 3 year roll out plan so we are stuck on ADSL1 for what looks like the foreseeable future.

    Until recently (8 months or so) our exchange was highly congested for about 3 and 1/2 years, during peak times 6:30am to 11:30pm our download speed was basically 0.3Mbps. Telstra acknowledged the problem but chose to delay doing anything about it for a considerable length of time.

    Fortunately after a backhaul upgrade we now get about 7Mbps, not fast by any means but solid. After being stuck with 0.3 for so long I'm honestly just thankful for what I have now.

    *Waynesaurus gets down on his knees and prays to broadband gods* :pray:
    Before you switch, I would complain to Telstra. Don't mention the internet, say you have noise on your phone line. Never mention internet.

    They will have no choice but to fix it if you complain enough, then go to NBN and sweet.

    Don't mention Internet. I can't stress that enough. Not even a little bit. The moment you say anything about it, you'll go to bigpond, and you're i na world of pain and hate.
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