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This gave me a chuckle:

""Mr Brown and I viewed the CCTV footage yesterday at the Bondi Police Station,” Mr Newham said outside court on Wednesday. It does not support the notion that on five separate occasions Mr Brown has approached this young woman and with both hands has touched both of her breasts. It does not support that at this point in time.”

So in other words, it may have been four times with both hands. Or four times with both hands and once with one hand. Or four times with one hand and zero with both because the CCTV isn't clear enough.

There is so much wiggle room in that statement it's absurd. I do not find it in any way amusing that a young lady was groped without her consent, to be clear. Just the weasel words that are used there make it pretty clear to me there's obviously been some impropriety. He's not come out and said "I did not touch that woman" a-la Bill Clinton. Would tend to indicate he's guilty AF.

*I'm not a lawyer
It's a very Lawyer like sentence, I think it's pretty open and shut that he did something and there is evidence to prove it, with his Lawyer saying that.
Must say I'm enjoying the outrage from Parra fans about the NRL standing him down, I dare they? The fuckers stood down 2 players who had a mild af altercation over one stepping on the others shoe. However they didn't stand down 2 players who apparently had an altercation of some sort....and were then evicted from a night club and were subsequently arrested. Consistency? The **** is that?
To be honest I've thought of Hynes as more over a runner, so a #6 (though he can do the job of a 7). So he would definitely be first pick shoud Luai have gone down or shat the bed.
100% but I never understood the selection. I thought the plan must have been, spell Api for 10mins either side of half time at which point Hynes comes on and Luai goes to 9...but Freddy works in mysterious ways I guess.

Reality is though, Hynes has been in camp since game 1 so knows the gameplan...whatever the **** that is, so has to come in. Would consider dumping Luai for Walker though given he and Hynes have played together with the Indigenous squad.
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its working mate. I didnt get the new release out because well. I got distracted by shiny things.

haha lates go though!

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
come on Tigers, I've tipped them for this they have a full strength team they can't lose this with the way they have been playing.
Finally a penalty for holding down, Titans have just been lying on them
holy shit, api gone with broken jaw possibly.
Surely this puts Robson in play for NSW since I doubt they will go with an 80 min hooker next game.

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