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  1. Morkel


    Not be Hollywood Harrigan.
  2. [​IMG]

    Sam Tomkins at Halfback?

    That's interesting.
  3. Interesting enough for the English/NZ series to deserve it's own thread.
  4. Foordy


    in the midst of the coaching marry-go-round and the vigorous "debate" that is on-going (especially around our situation), I think we all need to take a minute to laugh at Phil Gould and the Panthers. Acting first, they have put themselves in the worst position, IMO.

    So let's take a look at the confirmed and likely coaching movements:

    Ivan Cleary --> Panthers starting 2019 (likely)
    Michael Maguire --> Tigers starting 2019 (Confirmed)
    Des Hasler --> Manly starting 2019 (confirmed)
    Anthony Seibold --> Broncos starting 2020 (Likely) --- possible start in 2019
    Wayne Bennett --> Rabbitohs starting 2020 (Confirmed) --- possible start in 2019

    The Tigers have the biggest upgrade IMO, going from a coach with a 48% winning record to a premiership winning coach

    The Sea Eagles have signed a duel premiership winner (but need to be careful allowing him to manage a salary cap)

    The Broncos have set up their future by signing a highly rated albeit rookie (will be his second year) coach

    The Rabbitohs have signed one of the greatest coaches of all time a record 7 premierships to his name.

    and the Panthers, lol, have chased hard a coach and gotten who in 12 seasons of coaching has only made the top 8 on 5 occasions. a coach with a winning record of 48%. This coach only made the top 8 in 1 out of his 4 seasons in his previous stint at the club.

    consequently, the coach that was sacked by the Panthers has a winning record of 55% (58% at the Panthers) and has made the top 8 in all 3 of his seasons at the Panthers (this includes 2018 as he was sacked only 2 weeks out from the finals)

    so as i said, i think we all need to stop what we are doing and take a few minutes to laugh at Phil Gould (and his Panthers)

    giphy1.gif giphy2.gif

    giphy3.gif giphy4.gif
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  5. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Yep, Gus really was desperate to keep Nathan Cleary, wasn't he?
  6. ivanhungryjak

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  7. soup

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    Awesome post, Foordy!
  8. ivanhungryjak

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  9. Eastwood calls out the bumbling old twat.

  10. Morkel


    He didn’t take a pay cut. He got a back-ended deal.
  11. Got to say the Titans new jerseys look bland.
  12. Cult3

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    Darcy Lussick should be just as embarrassed that he struggled to string together a single sentence while confronting Massoud
  13. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    What did Massoud do wrong again?
  14. Threatened a young journalist over taking one of his scoops.

    Something along the lines that he'd cut off his head and shit down his throat.

    A few years ago, he also made the false claim that Steve Matai was involved in a match fixing incident. It turned out the police had seized another player's phone and Matai wasn't involved in any shape or form.
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  15. broncos4life

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  16. Foordy


    I had to read that a few times, after seeing the ice cream van tweet, I initially thought you might be making a joke here ... that's what being on night shift does to you lol
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  17. Sproj


    Isn't only like 6pm there? You are in for a long night if you're already at that stage. Hehe
  18. Foordy


    tell me about it

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