NRL Player Movement and Rumours 2017

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Broncoman, Jan 13, 2017.

    He's too far fuckwit IMO.
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  1. Its the NRL
  2. Jordan McLean to the Cowboys on a 3 year deal starting next season.
  3. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

    Very good signing (unfortunately, because I hate the Cowboys), he's got a big chance to be the best prop in the game within a couple of years, enormous frame, high work load, skillful.
  4. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Do you think he can do it without Smith and Cronk though? We've seen plenty of examples of Storm players leaving Melbourne never to reach those heights again.
  5. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

    I think so, props are the exception to the "leave Melbourne and you'll look worse" rule, Smith and Cronk have pretty minimal impact on Bromwich & McLean's stats, you could argue that Smith gives them good service, but it'd be a negligible difference in the overall scheme of things. It's not in the same ball park as blokes like Proctor who've made a living off running on to Cronk short balls.
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  6. Alec

    Alec State of Origin Captain

    I think Smith does make a pretty big difference. He gets the forwards going better than any other player in the game. There were a few numpties who only looked good at the Storm, such as Cross, Anderson (?) and White. McLean will have to prove himself like Tolman or Blair (after 3 shitty years) did.
  7. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

  8. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

    Titans have signed Grevsmuhl. I imagine he'll come straight in to the starting line-up tbh, haven't seen much of Greenwood, but I don't think he's that good.
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  9. Sproj


    So of the Titans team at full strength, they will have these mid-season signings in their side:

    1. Hayne
    3. Copley
    4. Hurrell
    9. Peats
    15. Grevsmuhl

    I wonder what percentage what be comparable from other sides.
  10. Cult3

    Cult3 Banned User

    I'd say roughly 250%
  11. You could also include Greenwood, he swapped with Taia mid-way through the ESL season.

    How many premiership teams in NRL history (ie. since 1998) have included mid-season signings?
  12. Morkel


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  13. charbel

    charbel NYC Player

    Grevsmuhl will be a fantastic signing if his head is screwed on right again.
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  14. Sproj


    1. Hayne
    2. Don
    3. Hurrell
    4. Copley
    5. Olive
    6. Elgey
    7. Taylor
    8. Wallace
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Proctor
    12. McQueen
    13. Paasi

    14. Greenwood
    15. Grievsmuhl

    That's the makings of a top six side.
  15. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Hayne will be out of there at season end.
  16. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

    I really liked the look of their roster coming in to the season as well, but they still seem to be the same old Titans (at this stage).

    Will probably finish somewhere between 7th & 12th, as per usual.
  17. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable ❤️Jarrod Wallace ❤️

    Segeyaro to be named on an extended bench today for the Sharks.
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  18. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    They always seem to have a heap of injuries. They've really handled the Hayne drama poorly too.
  19. mitch222

    mitch222 NRL Captain

    While ever their number 1 is in the side, they wont do any good. He is a great player but a terrible team player
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