NRL Players in hot water

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  1. Foordy


    and if Souths had have dealt with it in may, instead of ignoring it, then the media would probably have never found out about it (as is seems she only went to them after being ignored by the club)

    this has nothing to do with "helping Ben Hunt in every way possible", and everything to do with getting clicks (and Souths gave them a free kick in that respect)
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  2. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    No way the sit on this for months.

    Shit Weidler couldn’t even wait for the facts to come before smearing Ben Teo
  3. ivanhungryjak

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    Well, this is interesting.
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  4. Browny

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    Nah watch them be happily hypocritical. Cough Rebecca Wilson cough
  5. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    The South Sydney Rabbitohs provide the following update regarding the investigation into claims made in today's media:
    1. The Club's general enquiry email address received emails from an anonymous email address on 27 and 31 May 2018 about alleged lewd behaviour by a player over social media. The emails did not identify the player allegedly involved, nor did they identify the person making the complaint.
    2. On 1 June, the Club replied through Football Operations and Player Wellbeing Manager Brock Schaefer confirming it would investigate the complaint, requesting further information regarding the alleged incident and asking for contact details for the person making the complaint.
    3. The Daily Telegraph contacted the Club on the afternoon of Thursday, 13 September stating the Club had failed to respond to emails dated 5 June and 31 August regarding alleged lewd player behaviour.
    4. Upon receipt of the information from The Daily Telegraph, the Club engaged an independent contractor to conduct an email system audit regarding the emails sent to Mr Schaefer on 5 June and 31 August. These emails, sent again from an anonymous address, were tagged as spam due to the sender's unique email address. As per the Club's junk email filter, these emails were subsequently routed to a junk mail folder and were not received or seen by Mr Schaefer.
    5. Upon discovery and review of the emails on 13 September, the Club attempted to contact the complainant via an international phone number provided in these emails, but it was no longer in service. Again, the emails did not identify the player allegedly involved, nor did they identify the person making the complaint.
    6. The Club contacted the person making the complaint again by email on 14 September 2018 and was provided with updated contact details by her.
    7. Rabbitohs CEO Blake Solly has had a discussion with the person making the complaint this afternoon. Mr Solly gave her a commitment that the Club would undertake its investigation of the complaint with the utmost confidentiality and respect. The Club will deal with the complaint thoroughly and will move as quickly as it possibly can to conclude the investigation.
    8. The Rabbitohs have appointed a panel of Commissioner Lea Drake (Independent), Karyn Murphy (NRL Integrity Unit) Nick Pappas (Rabbitohs Chairman), Emily Grant (Rabbitohs Head of Operations, People and Culture) and Mr Solly to investigate the complaint. Drake is the current Law Enforcement Conduct Commissioner for Integrity.
    9. The above investigation will be undertaken in conjunction and co-operation with the NRL Integrity Unit.
    10. The findings of the investigation will be thorough and transparent.
  6. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    I like how Souths have handled this and investigated.
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  7. Morkel


    The ol’ “it went to my spam folder”.
  8. It is now alleged that the woman involved was a willing participant in the exchange of nude pictures as reported by Channel 7.

  9. Renegade

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    So can someone tldr what actually happened? it was his account ... but was he actively involved? if he wasn't, who else would've had his details?
  10. I'm a bit confused by it myself, but from what I can gather... the girl contacted Burgess to tell him about a fake tinder that she found pretending to be him. That somehow escalated to a facetime session between the girl, Sam Burgess, and two other players. During the facetime session one of the players showed his bum, the other showed his old fella. The girl emailed souths a few months ago to complain and the club said they would look into it but never did so the girl decided to contact the media about it.

    I think that's roughly what happened as it was first reported.
  11. Morkel


    I reckon it's a complete misunderstanding. Someone probably walked past holding a post-game salami and the woman just assumed it was a Burgess twin.

  12. I have no doubt that's exactly the case.

    She sent some nudes, they sent some nudes, then she realized she could make some money out of it, especially after the Bulldogs Mad Monday shit.

    I find it strange she waited months to contact the media.. After a week with no response, it would be clear they are ignoring it. But she didn't contact them then. Instead, she didn't contact them for months.

    She even has ties with the Roosters.. It's strange.

    I say her story is complete and utter bullshit and she's just trying to get some quick cash.
  13. How **** stupid are some footballers? FMD. There isn't one scenario here that was going to work out well for them.....
  14. Sam's wife enabling him doesn't help either. If I sent a photo of my little dude to another bird, I can't even imagine what wife would do.
  15. That's if he was the one flashing his gear about tbf. Weren't there a few players allegedly involved? Still, dickhead for letting it happen if so.

    Remember when you could moon people with very little consequence? Dick pic? Yeah fair enough, but unless they gave her a spicy fruit bowl, flashing your arse is pretty harmless IMO.
  16. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Not in the age of faux outrage and moral indignation.

    Sam’s interview came across as he wasn’t worried about the outcome of the investigation harming him.

    Have a wild arse guess I reckon his idiot mates have gotten him in it
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  17. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    Well I can think of one, or maybe 5 if Matthew Johns was involved.
  18. Rabbitohs players have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Sam Burgess has contacted a defamation lawyer. I guess this bitch is going to learn what can happen when you pull shit like this.

    It's quite clear her side of the story was all bullshit from the start. You don't sit on this for 3 months if what she said was true and if you're as upset as she claimed to be.
  19. Morkel


    I dunno. Souths have basically admitted that they received the email but it sat in a spam folder, which is why they didn't initially respond. If she was looking to cause trouble, she would have done so almost immediately IMO. If she'd waited until the start of the finals series, I would have been more inclined to think she was trying to stir up shit, but Souths may already have been bundled out of the finals by the time she contacted the media, why wait one more week and risk blowing all of your leverage?

    It's also entirely feasible that she's been told she has a flimsy case, and that pushing ahead would put her at risk of every tiny aspect of her private life being dragged up in order to smear her.

    Not saying I'm on her side of the argument, just saying it's possible she's telling the truth.

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