NRL Players in hot water

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    Saifiti hospitalised after late night altercation

    Newcastle prop Jacob Saifiti’s career is in doubt after a late night altercation has left him with a serious leg injury.
    According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the incident occurred outside Newcastle’s Greenroof Hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning between Saifiti and Central Newcastle footballer Dane Cordner, the brother of NSW and Kangaroos captain Boyd Cordner.
    It is understood that the Knights players had been out on Saturday as part of a farewell celebration for Luke Yates, who is due to join the London Broncos in the English Super League for the 2019 season.
    A number of Central players were also out on the town to celebrate the engagement of their former teammate Jake Finn.
    Saifiti and Cordner butted heads at the Greenroof Hotel and were escorted outside by security for engaging in a push-and-shove. At approximately 1:30am, a punch was thrown outside the hotel which knocked Saifiti out cold
    It is understood that Saifiti suffered a fractured lower leg from falling awkwardly after the punch.
    The injury will see Saifiti sidelined for at least three months, with the prop facing the prospect of lower leg surgery and the potential of a much longer stint off the ground.
    The 22-year-old managed just eight games in 2018 after a spate of shoulder surgeries, and his latest injury leaves his future uncertain.
    It is understood that the police have been made aware of the incident and are investigating.
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    IF what is being reported is true, Walker needs to:

    A. Be banned from the nrl


    B. Go to jail.
  2. Alec

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    Or C. Get a contract with the Roosters for minimum(1) wage

    1. Maximum
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    Zane Musgrove charged with indecent assault. There’s a story on the ABC website but I don’t know how to post it.

    Zane Musgrove charged with indecent assault at Coogee venue


    Zane Musgrove has become the second NRL player in a 24-hour period to be charged with assaulting a woman.

    The 22-year-old allegedly indecently assaulted a 22-year-old woman at a licensed venue in Coogee, Sydney, at about 12:30am on Saturday, November 24.

    The woman reported the alleged incident to security and later made a report to Eastern Beaches Police Area Command.

    On Wednesday detectives charged the West Tigers player with an act of indecency and aggravated indecent assault (offender in company).

    On Thursday, they charged another 22-year-old man with assault and an act of indecency, aggravated indecent assault (offender in company) and common assault.

    Both men were granted conditional bail to appear at Waverley Local Court on January 23, 2019.
    Meanwhile, Manly Sea Eagles player Dylan Walker was last night charged with assaulting his fiance at a home on the Northern Beaches.

    In a statement police said they found a 24-year-old woman with "minor cuts to her shoulder, leg and feet".

    She was treated at the scene by paramedics.

    Manly chief executive Lyall Gorman said he was not able to give a definitive answer on the player's future.
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    Welp, this thread is having a busy time of it.

    I'm so sick of these moronic **** making my favorite sport look bad
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    Video game reportedly led to alleged Walker assault on fiance

    NSW Police will allege a fight over a video game led to Manly NRL star Dylan Walker assaulting his fiancé.
    Walker was granted conditional bail after being charged with common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, after emergency services visited his Dee Why residence.
    It’s alleged Alexandra Ivkovic, a former Miss Universe Australia finalist, was assaulted and suffered minor cuts to her shoulder, leg and feet and was treated at the scene.
    According News Corp, the alleged incident came to a head in the late afternoon after the pair got into an argument over a PlayStation.
    Ms Ivkovic ran out of the three-bedroom home and was followed by the 24-year-old NRL player who allegedly pulled her hair, causing the young woman to fall over.
    The incident occurred outside the home of neighbours who are expected to be called as witnesses.
    The Sea Eagles player was arrested and charged and picked up at Manly Police Station by coach Des Hasler, and he will face Manly Local Court on Tuesday.
    The alleged incident has been reported to the NRL Integrity Unit.
  6. She probably deleted his Spyro 2 save file from 2003, can't blame him really..
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    Any bets it was Smash Bros
  8. Nah had to be one of the Rugby League Live games where he created himself playing for a premiership contender and she deleted it and then he had to face reality.
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    These days it's always Fortnite.
  10. Really surprised some shit bag journo hasn't brought up Lodge yet tbh.
  11. Broncos Maestro

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    The pre-season is still young....give it time.

    Probably will be some shit article making him worse than the Grinch just before Christmas.
  12. Foordy


    they'll follow their usual MO ... wait until just before round 1 to try and distract him and the team
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    Looks like his mrs is going to retract her statement.
  14. No surprise there.
  15. Might be that she's not averse to being violent herself. It's very surprising how many women have initiated a physical assault first in a relationship. Sometimes when furious with a partner it's the female who strikes first. It can go from a slap across the face to more frequent slaps and then ever escalating instances before a man snaps. It's not ALWAYS the guy beating on the female. In fact, the bull dyke next door bashed her partner, a soft and gentle lady after she (the gentle one) had been raped by a male cousin!!
    Naturally there'll be those on here who will go off on some tangent, who won't notice or take heed of my observation. Instead it will be, Huge condones violence towards women but no, I don't condone violence against anyone. I merely point out that in many relationships the first foray into violence comes from the supposedly weaker sex. Not my choice of description mind you.
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    From personal experience, I agree 100%.
  17. Not the reply I expected, thought some would label me an apologetic for violent males. I just like balance and I hate all males being portrayed as violent to women. In fact I believe I have witnessed a huge upswing over the last 30 years of women( not all, just some) initiating violent confrontations.
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