NRL Players in hot water

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  2. Do you get the feeling that this investigation is taking a long time so the NRL can fix it up a bit and not take a premiership?
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    Can’t fine the broke club 400k lol
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    Is it a conspiracy if it is as hidden as an iceberg in a city centre?
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    I mean even based on what has been released just shows how stupid they really think the fans are.

    2015 - Over the cap.
    2016 - No issues at all, let's make sure we comply in case we win the premiership.
    2017 - That was fun, let's cheat again.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    The NRL need to grow a pair and act here...

    we all knew at the time of his 12 month suspension for his role in the peptide scandal that he breeched the terms of his suspension (it was blatantly obvious, since he somehow managed to get himself a new deal without having contact with the club) ... yet the NRL did nothing ...

    and the Sharks offering him a new deal shows exactly why they are in financial trouble ... it has been reported that they have lost 3 major sponsors for the upcoming season ... likely due to the constant scandals the club has been through ... all of which Shane Flanagan is allegedly linked to in some way.

    as i said the NRL need to grow a pair and take action against both the Sharks and Flanagan ...

    I personally don't buy the fact that they had salary cap discrepancies in 2015 and 2017, but not their premiership year of 2016
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    I'm fairly sure absolutely no one (even half the Sharks supporters) believe that either. The NRL are just hoping to sweep it under the rug at the next available player scandal.
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    It just won't stop.
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    I know it has no bearing on the (alleged) act itself, but apparently his missus almost 6 months pregnant.
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    Yep and a lower grade player is about to be charged as well according to WIN News.
  15. Merry Xmas NRL fans.
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    I’ve met and been around Jack on quite a few occasions out and he was always a very friendly and happy dude. Super considerate and though he always seemed to be having a lot of fun he was always acting responsibily. Of all the players I’ve met or seen out, he is easily the one I speak the most highly of. Just seemed like an alround great guy. He obviously got a fair bit of attention but would shake everyone’s hands and take endless photos without it ever seeming like a chore. He’s outgoing and friendly to those who recognise him and those who obviously have no clue who he is. He never acted too good for anyone, and among the mass of girls that would notice him and approach him, he always seemed very charming but appropriate regardless of how blessed or unfortunate their appearance. Seems like a very happy go lucky kind of guy.

    I’m not sure what the point is to me sharing this. I am shocked by this news and will sick to innocent until proven otherwise. But I also know very well that people can have many different sides to them and the few circumstances I was around him may not reflect all the facets of his behaviour. I don’t have an opinion on whether or not he’s done something wrong and nor should I, but Jack definitely isn’t a standard douchebag NRL stereotype.
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  17. If he is found guilty, I hope he is sacked for life. But I have a feeling he won't be.

    However, this should open the door for TPJ to make the Blues squad. Surely Fittler won't select him now.
  18. Found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault is almost a guarantee to be put in prison.
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    Tpj is way better than debellend anyway. At footy and as a human

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