NRL Players in hot water


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Not a player but, looks like Flanagan's days as a coach are over. Replaced by Barrett potentially.

RIP Cronulla. Karma is a nasty bitch.
You're right, looks like Flanagan's **** you approach has come back to bite him. Weird that it was Cronullas own change to an honesty policy and the results of their self reporting that ultimately crucifies Flanagan. Bet they didn't expect that result.

Sirlee oldman

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Anyone know who the Bronco forward is that was supposedly charged with assault on Christmas Day?
Just read it was allegedly Myles Taueli.
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**** me, what an off-season hey, when will these fools learn. Although there’s a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, fwiw STOP putting yourselves into positions where you can get into trouble

I really don’t care who it is in our club, if he’s guilty of assault etc, than forget about rehab, apologies, warnings etc. SACK him

The NRL need to stop being gift that keeps on giving


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8,804 only came our cos Siebold. The man is a saint, can do no wrong.

Marty Deutschmann

NRL Player
never would have happened if bennett was still coach
There aren't too many people in the world who would love to go head to head with Bennett, but I'd be none surprised to see the level you'd go to to go head to little head in a very giving way to old Wayne. Just, you'd really be on your knees to. Really

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