NRL Players in hot water

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Nashy, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    How bad does it have to get before we bring back corporal punishment?
  2. Foordy


    the Sharks are a disgrace ... Maybe the integrity unit need to hire an entire team dedicated to investigating the Sharks
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  3. It would still find they were squeaky clean in 16.
  4. Caniffe


    Great leadership by the NRL Commission and Toddy with their strong stance against this stuff.

  5. Morkel


    “The Herald speculated...”

    Stopped reading there in terms of hoping to find any genuine details. Still, the Sharks need to be cut from the comp. They have no respect for the rules on and off the field and are getting Melbourne-like in their arrogance.
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  6. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    It’s the NRL, where there’s smoke there’s bush fires
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  7. I'd expect that the Sharks will actually cut those players that were involved if there was any genuinely serious breaches. According to my second hand sources since Barry Russell took over Cronulla has been determined to weed out and crush the behaviour that's brought them so much grief in recent years. I know the sentiment that Cronulla wasn't punished sufficiently for the drug saga from many years ago still lingers but the new guy can't unfuck that woman, so to speak. What he has apparently been doing is putting a new broom through (he did self report the current financial irregularities) and if his form holds he will come down heavily on any proven offenders.

    I have no clue what happened other than what's in the media but as it happened publicly some time ago and hasn't been a big blowup till now it might be just a few lower graders getting pissed up and fighting amongst themselves and some senior players not bothered. No matter, I'm sure it will be reported on and we'll in due course learn more.

    Like always I'll view it like any other indiscretion from any player or any club, that is I'll wait till I have the relevant facts and disregard the emotive media reporting before forming a view.
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  8. Kick 'em out!
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  9. Lol:applaudit::error:
  10. Old Mate

    Old Mate NRL Player

    Let them stay, just take that one premiership away is all I want.
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  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Yep, that rort is still ridiculous. Part of Gallen's contract - media career post retirement, free premiership, 3x get out of jail cards.
  12. I would be furious if I were Russell. They have lost their sponsors, they are trying to attract new sponsors. Two days after their coach gets deregistered and they get hit with a $800K fine, the players get involved in this. It would do my head in.
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  13. Fatboy

    Fatboy BRL Player

    There’s a third Napa video. Guy is on a roll!
  14. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Norman on the coke again
    Man you can’t make some of this stuff up
  15. Haha, who could've seen that signing backfiring?..

    Suck shit Dragqueens.
  16. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Where’s that reported? Can’t find shit atm
  17. Could be a false alarm, apparently it's an old video from 2016 that's already been dealt with. It's on that trash NRL Memes facebook page, as most stuff is.
  18. Caniffe


    More silence from Greenberg. What is going on, Toddy.
  19. Foordy


    if he needs to come out and make a statement every time a two year old video that the integrity unit has already dealt with gets re-released, then he will be an awfully busy man and won't have time for anything else
    You say some special shit mate.

    What about the Napa stuff?

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