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    Napa may be facing suspension because what he did is pretty obvious and not really in dispute. If the bellend had a mate film him rooting this chick and then shared it around in a whatsapp or wechat or whatever group and it got publicly leaked I would expect him to cop a suspension for that too. Especially given the off season we've had.

    But my understanding is that pending a court's judgement the NRL would have trouble suspending him or standing him down, and doing so would apparently leave them open to being sued. A law talking guy what I know also suggested to me that public actions against JdB, such as suspension, while the matter is still before the courts might even be construed as implying he's guilty.
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    I've been reading Ken Arthurson's biography 'Arko: My Game' and he had some insights into player behaviour towards the end of the book. It was published in 1997 but some of these statements could easily have been made yesterday.

    I thought I'd share a few quotes:

    'More than ever, any time footballers play up off the field and get themselves into the headlines, it is an offence against the game they play. Too many people have drifted from the game already, to other sports, other interests. Sadly for some people, some dedicated fans have learned that there is life after football. They're going to be damned hard to get back. And the certainty is that mug behaviour from supposed sporting role models is only going to drive more away. If I have a final word to players it is this: if you want to keep playing rugby league, and earning good money from it, think hard about what you do away from the playing field...very hard.'

    He goes on to write:

    'I think the players of the game have to be especially concerned and careful. They are richer than they have ever been in rugby league's history. They are also more vulnerable than they've ever been. I sense a distinct resentment in the community at the vast and ridiculous payments being made to footballers (although that situation is certainly not their fault!), and that resentment has translated into a significant 'turn off' factor among people who once followed the game.

    Blokes with a mortgage, not much money and a house full of kids, find little common ground anymore with BMW-driving, overpaid footballers, who are nudged along by managers chasing ever-bigger contracts. More than ever before the players have to care for their game - in everything they do, on and off the paddock.'
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    The crack down is on.
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    OOooh, it's a "crackdown". The media will tear it apart and it'll be over by round 5 then.
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    I like this from the NRL, IF they keep it up of course. Might attract som disillusioned fans back.

    Still love the fact The Sharks have all these massive punishments and have shown systematic rotting attempts of the system and ‘self-reported’ to make themselves look good but the premiership season, nope we nailed that one. Yaha
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  9. Dylan Walker has been 'stood down' until his case has been heard. The next hearing is on May 10th
    Cronulla were fined $500,000 for the Shane Flanagan saga.
    Cronulla were fined $750,000 for the Salary Cap breach. $500,000 of that has been suspended since they self-reported.
    Cronulla have also had their Salary Cap reduced by $707,000, which will be spread across 2019 and 2020.
    Wests Tigers were fined $375,000 for the Salary Cap breach.
    Wests Tigers have also had their Salary Cap reduced by $639,000, which will be spread across 2019 and 2020.
    Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe has been suspended until June 19.
    Zane Musgrove has been refused registration until his case has been heard.
    Dylan Napa has been fined 10% of his salary.
    Scott Bolton has been suspended for ten weeks and 5% of his salary. If he complies with the NRL and agrees to meet with every club during the Magic Round in Brisbane, that penalty will be halved.
  10. Wait.. so if Bolton meets with clubs during the Magic Round (Early May), he's able to play in round 6 (Late April)?
  11. The Cronulla and Tigers penalty is consistent with the Sea Eagles, but it hardly seems like a sufficient deterrent. Any financial penalty would just be covered by all the success that comes from winning a premiership. What would 350,000 get you on the NRL market? A solid first grade player? Maybe a prized junior? Even the lump sum would barely cover Shaun Johnson's salary.
  12. Sounds odd doesn't it?

    I wonder if he'd be silly enough to dog it?
  13. Are we sure they don't just mean the financial penalty will be halved? It doesn't really specify. It would be extremely odd if he's allowed to play several weeks before the Magic Round he'd reportedly have to do his tour of shame at..
  14. More inconsistencies from the NRL. No surprise.

    Very little has changed.
  15. The media are reporting five weeks.

    It makes sense as well. Why would you agree to such an embarrassing ordeal just to receive a slightly reduced monetary fine? The reduced suspension would be a far greater incentive.
  16. Doesn't make sense really. I'd understand if they said "Banned for 5 weeks, but doubled if you don't do you 'community service'" Why would they give the player a choice? It's soft for the sake of being soft.
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    I am not sure about all this, bolton's punishment has already been served and the morons at the nrl now want to make this retrospective... and halving it by speaking to other clubs??? Wtf.... be interesting to see the cowboys position. He has nothing to do with the other clubs and shouldn't be scapegoated to them.
    I also think the stance on Walker and de Belin by the nrl will be met with serious challenge. It's hard to imagine their isn't a top line law firm out there already licking their lips with a counter claim against the nrl.
    Effectively what greenturd and that other flog Beattie have said is "guilty"
    Now if they are found guilty then throw them out however the course of justice must be followed here.
    I reckon there is a big shit storm ready to unfold. Not to mention some serious litigation against the nrl.
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    I'm no lawyer but I reckon they'll be OK. Sure, some lawyers will try and make a buck out of it and recommend suing but the NRL would also have legal advice and its not as if they're breaking new ground here. Plenty of professions have similar stand down policies.
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    A bit of fun for you, given there is a bit about court cases across a number of threads:



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