NRL Players in hot water

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    NRL gender adviser Catharine Lumby says some rugby league players are 'education-proof'

    Source: ABC
  1. Morkel


    Of course a small percentage of players are still going to do stupid shit, regardless of the rules. It's no different to society. Therefore I conclude that a percentage of society as a whole is "education-proof". Where's my cushy job?

    Also, there has never, ever, ever, been as much scrutiny over players' actions. The media makes its money from digging up dirt, there is a financial incentive to find it. If all of a sudden police officers were given direct financial incentive to detect speeding drivers, you bet your arse there will be a huge spike in people being done for it. It doesn't mean the instance of people speeding is actually increasing.

    Also, I remembered something the other day. Remember Konrad Hurrell publicly sharing a video of him getting sucked off? IIRC, while driving too. It was a relatively big story, but only because it was one of the more lurid things to have come out of league at the time. But there was no where near the crisis-level talks like we're having now.
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  2. Something that gets lost in all this is the apparent acquiescence of the women involved. In the videos I've 'researched' allegedly involving certain players I did not see any objection to the treatment. In the feet in head video there didn't appear to be any rejection of the actions nor was there any visible objection in the headjob shoving video. I'm not saying what's right or wrong and I'm only commenting on what I've seen. Are women merely playing a role in a male game in the belief that this is what men want or are they willingly initiating things or are willing participants in a rough version of uninhibited sex?
  3. Sproj


    I wish I could have that job. I wonder how much she gets paid to say the obvious.
  4. broncos4life

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    There is no debate to the consent to the sex, it is the sharing of the recordings without their consent or knowledge that is the issue.
  5. Err, not my point either. I never mentioned anything about consent rather I was pointing out how the players involved are being demonised and crucified for their "treatment of women" yet no mention of the women's APPARENT agreement to engage in rough sex and what many are describing as humiliating and degrading behaviour.
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  6. I've seen and know of people who truly enjoy (and even need) much "worse", and absolutely have every right to!
    But they know and don't deny that behaviour is degrading and humiliating, which is often the reason they want it in the first place. They would also be loath to see it publicly exposed (with very few exceptions) because of that knowledge.
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  7. Totally agree. I didn't intend any of my post to be seen as comment on the consent to be filmed angle rather the complete absence of any public comment on the willingness of all parties to engage in such behaviour. It all seems to be about respecting women and nothing mentioned about the women who are eager participants. The rights and wrongs of publicly exposing this is covered as is the 'terrible' behaviour of the men but completely absent is an acknowledgement that some women are fans of this debauchery.
  8. Tom

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    And men. I could never do it while my mate sat there taking care of himself. Wtf?
  9. Funny thing is that this kind of thing is not new. 35 years ago a friend and I would regularly engage in threesomes and there were plenty of eager ladies keen for fun and games. I might add the rough treatment angle was not part of the activities but I'm sure it was around in other scenarios. Initially I was a bit uncomfortable with being in the same space as another naked male but that faded pretty quickly and let me be clear, there was no male on male contact!
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  11. Tom

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    A 3some I understand but is it really a 3some when one guy just sits there watching and wanking?
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  12. soup

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    Been in a few threesomes and foursomes with mixed combinations, myself. Who cares if it’s all consentual.
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    Thats what you all say
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    It’s not gay if your eyed are closed.
  15. Which?
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  16. Not the Brown one
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    I don't like Barba I think the bloke is a grub, but if I didn't know any better I'd say that's some scummy "journalism" at work right there. They went out of their way to harass him until he snapped so they had a juicy story under their belt.

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