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    You forgot Tariq Sims, who is actually one of the ex-Broncos on their roster lol.
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  1. broncos4life

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    That’s true, but after the way he tore us a new one in the last game we played it felt weird calling him a failed Bronco.
  2. Gareth Widdop has reportedly signed a two year deal with Warrington Wolves and will leave the NRL in 2020.
    Hunt and Norman :risas3:
  3. Got a genuine chuckle out of this:aaaaa:
  4. Battler

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    I've heard people claim that they had a 'successful' partnership in the halves at the Broncos...
  5. Browny

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    When? The under 20s?

    It’s a great combo ones a pea heart and one crumbles under any sort of expectation to perform
  6. Morkel


    I don’t think they played more than a few games together as halves. IIRC when Lockyer retired, Norman & Hunt we’re both in contention for the 6. Wallace was halfback. Norman got the gig and Hunt was bench utility.
  7. They played U20's together but no more than a few games in the halves together at NRL level.

    In those NRL games they were quite good together. They seemed to understand each other quite well. Whether they could work together week in week out at NRL level is questionable. I don't think they will be able to and I think it will just crash and burn.
  8. theshed

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    I sure hope so. I don’t think I could handle the ‘what if’s’ if they become a premiership pairing.
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  9. Overs and unders on Cameron Smith playing the entire two years on his contract?

    Good on him if he can still perform to his standard at 37, but I can't imagine what Brandon Smith is thinking to himself. Melbourne will do extremely well to keep him in Melbourne, especially if a club like Newcastle or the Warriors come knocking.
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  10. Morkel


    Is 2 years confirmed? I know that’s what he’s after, and I’m sure the Storm will have to give him what he asks, but that’s a tough ask.

    The Storm must surely know they’re fucked regardless. Without Smith they’re nothing, and even if he doesn’t perform on the field like he used to, they can’t risk him going elsewhere as he is their meal ticket with sponsors and everything PR-related.
  11. Alec

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    He's still pretty much the best player in the game.
  12. Yeah mate.

    I'm surprised he got it. A one year extension sounded logical because Melbourne needed to deal with losing Cronk & Slater within two years and it gives players like Munster and Scott time to transition into leadership roles. To grant Smith an extra year is optimistic and it's really going to be another impressive achievement if he's still able to play to his ability at age 37.
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  13. Sproj


    Could Smith transition to halfback? I know it is a big ask at any age, let alone 35/36 but he has all the tools and allows Smith Jr to transition in earlier.
  14. Wolfie

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    Dont be surprised if Brandon doesnt end up back in Townsville.
  15. broncos4life

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    But why? They have such a great hooker...
  16. Wolfie

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    They might want another!
  17. jarro65

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    Why did Smith get a testimonial match when he fully intended to play on ?
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