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    He along with Bellamy are the biggest cancer in the sport. RL will be much better off when these two are no longer involved.
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    I still can't find any articles on it.

    Either Dobbo is full of BS, which is possible, though there was nothing vague about his comments, as you'd normally get from someone spouting a dodgy rumour.

    Or "The Most Influential Person In The Game" is once again managing to keep the spotlight off himself.
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    Personally would like to see Bellamy hang around for a bit once Smith retires, just to see what he's actually made of. Expect they will drop down the ladder a bit this year and he will see the writing on the wall. That Roosters comprehensive GF win signalled the end of an era imo.
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    Dobbo is the only one running with it so far. Also his claim that they are in danger of not being allowed to play round one is fanciful. As if the NRL would breach their broadcasting contract like that.
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  6. They're more likely to re-write the rulebook than make Cameron Smith sit out a game.
  7. I don't buy it.

    The Storm are looking to offload Kasiano because they have to shed 600,000? Like all rumours, I'm sure there's an element of truth. I'm sure Bellamy realises that Kasiano isn't a good fit for Melbourne and wants to move him on ASAP. Anything beyond that is a stretch and it's really irresponsible of Dobbo to report this. This is the type of rumour where people just accept it at face value and then believe the NRL is letting these clubs get away with murder.
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    Are they still running two books? How did they expect to go into the season 600k over the cap? Unless the NRL have identified problem TPAs or something.

    I’d love to see them have to lose like BSmith (who wouldn’t be on 600k, so they’d need to lose him and another) or someone like Finucane/ NAS.
  9. Jedhead

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    I'd just like to see them lose - regularly.
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    I want to believe.
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    Could Kasiano end up at Manly ?
  12. Tom

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    Well maybe if they didn't have form people wouldn't immediately jump to those conclusions.
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  13. Cameron Smith's re-signing really took a long time. There were rumours of Smith not being happy with the deal Storm offered and it was all just a big **** around.

    Perhaps this is the reason why.

    Seems a bit farfetched, though. There is no way Storm offloading Kasiano will free up 600k. There is no way Bellamy signs him for that amount.

    I hope it is true. Trying to offload 600k in 16 days when every club has just about used up their cap. It's going to be very difficult.
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  14. That doesn't excuse irresponsible journalism, or the gullibility of supporters.
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  15. Alec

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    If the Roosters aren't somehow rorting, then no one probably is.
  16. Morkel



    The NRL salary cap crunch has got very real very fast for the Storm with a bombshell report claiming they could lose Cameron Smith and be banned for round one.

    A report claims Melbourne has a lot more on the line than the future of big-bopper Sam Kasiano on the line in its salary cap crunch for round one.
    The Daily Telegraph revealed recently the Storm have been shopping the prop around to rival clubs in a bid to squeeze under the 2019 salary cap.
    The Storm’s full cap crisis was laid bare on Tuesday morning by Triple M NRL commentator Ben Dobbin, who told Triple M’s Big Breakfast that the club is $600,000 over the 2019 cap.
    He reported the club is desperate to find a new home for Kasiano because the NRL recently threatened the club with being excluded from the opening round of the season on March 14 if they are still not salary cap compliant.
    The NRL’s other tool for dealing with clubs who are over the cap heading into the start of a season would see the Storm lose captain Cameron Smith, who was the last player to sign on with the Storm for the 2019 season.
    Melbourne’s salary cap crunch comes with the Sharks reportedly set to face a salary cap reduction of up to $500,000 for their salary cap scandal which reportedly dates back to cap breaches in 2015.
    The Wests Tigers are also reportedly set to learn their fate surrounding a preliminary salary cap reduction of $640,000 surrounding an ambassadorial deal with club great Robbie Farah.

    The clubs will learn their fate following Thursday’s Australian Rugby League commission meeting.
    The news is concerning for the Storm, according to Dobbin.
    “My mail is the Melbourne Storm are at least $600,000 over the salary cap right now,’ he said.
    “He (Kasiano) has been shopped around to other clubs for some time. The NRL have said to the Melbourne Storm, ‘It’s like this. You can get under the salary cap within 16 days or you won’t be taking the field in round one’.
    “Somebody has to go for the Melbourne Storm. If they can’t get rid of Sam Kasiano, there was a bit of talk if the findings come down with the NRL and St George put Jack de Belin to the sideline, St George would be able to pick up Kasiano. Kasiano is no Jack de Belin, nowhere near it.
    He said the NRL’s “last man” in policy would cost the Storm Smith if the NRL is forced to take action to get the Storm compliant for 2019.
    “The rule around the salary cap is if you can’t get under your salary cap, the last player signed is the one who has to go,” he said.
    “So for example at the Cronulla Sharks, Shaun Johnson, star halfback, would be the one who has to go. Cronulla are going to be handed down fines on Friday for salary cap breaches. They need to shed a lot of people — like second stringers — and if they can’t, guess what, Shaun Johnson is gone.”
  17. From what I can tell, Sandor Earl was the last player to sign on for Melbourne’s 2019 season.
  18. broncos4life

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    Well there's there 600k
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  19. This just highlights how unreliable Dobbo is. He couldn't even get the last player to sign with the Sharks right either. It wasn't Shaun Johnson.

    My guess is Dobbo's "mail" is just him writing a bunch of shit on pieces of paper and drawing them out of a hat like a lucky dip.
    ****, that would make my season if the Storm lost Smith. Would be almost as good as winning a premiership.
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