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    There there, it'll be all right. Well, there's their 600k, they're cap compliant. It's over there, there by Cam's boat.
  1. Sproj


    So does this mean that you can just destroy your own salary cap but as long as your last player signed sits out, you're all good?

    Why not sign every big name around but make sure your last signing is a nobody.
  2. Morkel


    I assume you keep losing players until you’re under the cap.
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  3. scobie

    scobie NYC Player

    What's the point in the NRL having an auditing team? Aren't they supposed to sign off on new contracts to make sure the club doesn't inadvertently go over the cap? Whatever about Cam Smith losing his job, and that would be funny to see, surely the whole auditing team have fucked up monumentally and deserve to lose their jobs too.
  4. Mitch06

    Mitch06 NRL Player

    Jesus Christ. If Cameron Smith has knowingly put the club in this position I've lost all respect.
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  5. Old Mate

    Old Mate NRL Player

    That’s a nice little loop hole. Sign a nobody right after going over the cap so your big name isn’t forced out.

    Not that it’s much of a loop hole.
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  6. Astro

    Astro QCup Player

    I would say it is exactly as morkel said you lose the last signed player and if your not under the cap you lose the next in line so on until you fall below the cap.
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  7. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    I would have to have respect for him to lose it.
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  8. Sproj


    Storm and salary cap scandals...have we gone back a decade?
  9. Well they do. They are absolutely and utterly hopeless at finding cheats. Given what they have always attempted to get away with, it's on that stain of a club to prove that they are not over. They're keeping very quiet, which tells me Dobbo might actually have something here.

    Irrisponsible would be the media not reporting on these rumours, it's the only thing that gets the NRL to actually look.
  10. Nah just business as usual.
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  11. Not when it's coming from sources who rarely do their due diligence and can't get their facts straight.

    Also, they're not keeping quiet. They responded to the rumour last week:

    And they responded yesterday

    There's an element of truth there, but the way it's been reported is dishonest. Yet fans don't look into it or consider the possibility that certain facts don't add up. They read what they want to and draw conclusions.
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  12. Morkel


    There is more than just an element of truth. Dobbo never suggested that they'd ever actually not run out for Round 1, just that they have to get under the cap, or they'll be forced to shed players based on a last-signed basis.

    Also, no one believes that releasing Kasiano would free up $600k. Just that he is one player that they have confirmed to be shopping around and will go some way towards getting compliant. They for sure will have to shed one or two more, who those players are though is not known.
  13. Cool. They also denied they were systematically cheating the cap. So I don't actually give a rats what they have to say. I'm not saying Dobbo is right, he's probably wrong like the useless bastard always is, but I choose to believe him over the cheating rule bending scum Storm.
  14. Morkel


    Not sure if it was here or elsewhere, but someone said Sandor Earl may actually be their most recent signing? Maybe that is the loophole they are going for. I don't think the NRL have said that they terminate that most recent contract, just that that player won't be eligible to play.

    If that's the case, releasing Kasiano may free up a hypothetical $300k once a replacement in the top 30 is allowed for. If Earl is on $300k, they can stand him down (he wasn't likely to be in the 17 anyway), and technically be under the cap. The loophole is that they won't actually be replacing Earl, so they don't need to sign Squad #30 on minimum wage which would obviously have to count towards the cap.
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  15. You would think if Ben Dobbin had the story of the life-time he'd be able to go into more detail than what he has. At the moment, he's recycled one dot, and drawn conclusions seemingly out of thin air.
  16. If that's true, it's a big loophole

    Now a club can spread the cap over 29 players

    Sure it's probably only 150-200k or so, but that much extra on top could be the difference in keeping one of your stars
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  17. Morkel


    The only thing he's said that hasn't been confirmed is the $600k value that they're supposedly over.
  18. Morkel


    It was merely my hypothesis. I'm no Dobbo, and won't claim it as fact ;)
    I haven't seen any confirmation on this:


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