-OFFICIAL- NRL Season Suspended


International Captain
it's a good thing I play games because **** me there's just about nothing left to do... especially once proper lockdown hits.

movies and games... for 6 months.
My work is going to be as busy as ever but no footy suckssssss. It's the biggest thing I look forward to every year :(

I guess there's a lot more time for gaming now, so I'll look at the positives.


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This sucks.

I know a lot of people have it a lot worse off than me but going to Broncos games was a huge stress relief for me. And even just watching them at home is great. I need a fast forward button for the next few months.

Dazza 92

NRL Player
And with that....there goes the North Queensland Cowboys one and only US based fan...

It was only a matter of time; I wish all players and staff the best during the lay-off and hope they stay healthy..

Alos, delighted that the Warriors get to go home to friends and family at least for a while..

See you again in May I guess..?
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Donald Garner

QCup Player
So what happens with suspensions then? I assume they carry over until when we the comp starts again.

And the draw. I assume you just miss the games you don’t play and continue with the season once it starts again

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