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  1. Cult3

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    One more time?
  2. I'd have Jack Bird in the centres as well.

    He's a very gifted player, fights in every tackle and seems to relish on big occasions.

    He's the best candidate the Blues have.
  3. NSW are on the upswing and Tamou, Farrah had best play the games of their lives because I doubt we will ever see them again in the sky blue. Farrahs time is certainly up and Tamou has been a myth at this level. I think NSW will win this one, there just is'nt enough motivation to give100%..the blues will start to win a few series over the coming years
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  4. Broncoman

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    The day I pick Greg Bird to play centre in State of Origin is the day I sleep on the moon. Jack Bird all the way.
  5. I've thought Reynolds would be answer to NSW halfback woes over the last few years but I've changed my mind since then. He's constantly injured and any little knock seems to take him out of the game. He got injured in both Origin games this year. His body just isn't up to it.
  6. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Could be worse? You could have 2 Josh Dugans instead of just one?

    Also, just to be clear. You'd have Jack Bird in the centres?
  7. Broncoman

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    Yes I can tell you with 100% certainty if I was the sole selector for NSW I would give Jack Bird a starting role and play him at centre. He has been awesome for Cronulla, he is actually becoming one of my favourite players in the game.

    Now if it's alright with you can you kindly please stop asking? It's getting annoying.
  8. If there's something strange, in your lockeroom, who ya gonna call?
  9. Alec

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    Reynolds was always just a "kicking game" player with no other tricks. A few years back I thought even just a kicking game would be an upgrade over Pearce, but it hasn't even been that good either. It's funny that despite being a massive failure for NSW, Pearce is still probably their best halfback.
    He got issued a concerning act notice from the MRC.

    How many **** concerning act notices do they want to give him before they actually do something?

    Buettner is a **** joke.

    It's just like last year when the MRC kept letting Thurston get away with tripping players.
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