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  1. Kaz

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    Brett Stewart: His try gave the Blues a sniff but not a major influence. 6.5

    Jarryd Hayne: There were glimpses of his best but generally well contained. 7

    Josh Morris: Saved a certain try and scored one of Origin's great tries. Outstanding. 8.5

    Michael Jennings: Defence sound and looked threatening but never saw enough space. 6.5

    Brett Morris: Not the first time these twins couldn't be spilt. Great game. 8.5

    Todd Carney: Another mixed bag but proved he can handle the pressure. 6.5

    Mitchell Pearce: Was treated like a rag doll and failed to take any real control. 5
    Tim Grant: Played tough but not the force he was in game two. 6

    Robbie Farah: Flattened early but showed courage and produced two kicks for tries. 8

    James Tamou: Never shirked it up the middle and took it to the Maroons. 7.5

    Beau Scott: Struggled to get in the game and no real impact on the right edge. 5.5

    Greg Bird: Came in for plenty of punishment but never stopped coming. 7

    Paul Gallen: Typical whole-hearted effort from the skipper. 7.5

    Luke Lewis: Only got on in the second half but gave it everything. 6

    Ben Creagh: Massive head cut early and not many minutes as a result. 4

    Anthony Watmough: Played injured and his impact suffered as a result. 6

    Tony WillIams: Looked to spread-eagle defenders but pretty well contained. 5.5


    Greg Inglis: Ran the ball superbly and monstered the Blues defence at times. 8.5

    Darius Boyd: Scored opening try and did well with limited chances. 7

    Dane Nielsen: Zero attacking impact but defence was solid. 5

    Justin Hodges: Should that have been a try? A crucial decision in the wash-up. 6.5

    Brent Tate: Solid but hardly influential. Didn't see much action. 6

    Johnathan Thurston: Made up for his sub-par game two with a belter in the decider. 8.5

    Cooper Cronk: Steady but hardly brilliant until he broke the Blues hearts with that field goal. 7

    Matt Scott: Off-loaded a few times but wasn't as big a force in this series. 6.5

    Cameron Smith: Never plays a bad game and was always in the thick of it. 7

    Petero Civoniceva: Saved his best of the series for his Origin swan-song. 7.5

    Nate Myles: Blues love to hate this bloke but his quality was first class. 8

    Sam Thaiday: Not the Thaiday of past series. Generally quiet. 6

    Corey Parker: Huge influence, particularly in first half. His off-loads really hurt Blues. 8

    Matt Gillett: Was given another small taste but no real impact. 4

    Ben Te'o: First Origin game and probably won't be his last. 5

    Ben Hannant: Powerhouse running while he was out there. 6.5

    David Shillington: Huge impact from the bench. One of Maroons best forwards. 7.5


    I would have given Pearce either a 2 or 3.
    Parker should have gotten a 9
  2. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    It's obviously some idiot scoring them....

    Give Hodges a lower score because he got that try awarded ... 6.5?? It was Hodges best game ever in SOO ...

    Cronk was more than 7.. he gave Pearce 5 and Cronk gets 7??? and by these ratings it says Cronk played to the same level as Bird and Hayne PLUS Tamou played better than Cronk?

    Just some idiot pulling numbers out of you know where..

    Real key is Gillette for QLD, just hope he picks up his form, especially for the broncos - he can be such a damaging player but something has changed.. hope it changes back.

    Luke Lewis a 6???? What planet is this guy from? I thought Luke was one of their better players...
  3. The Brizz

    The Brizz Deactivated

    Hodges was excellent especially in defence at least an 8 from him. Beau Scott should have got a 0 out of 10 for not having a heart.
  4. Emma

    Emma NRL Player

    Surprised Boyd got a 7 - not that he played badly, just that he really didn't have any ball. And a very generous 6 for Watmough.
    1. Greg Inglis - Dangerous with every touch. His fend should be registered as a lethal weapon. Billy Slater might struggle to get back in the team. 8
    2. Darius Boyd - Continued his great strikerate with crossing the whitewash. Solid effort otherwise. 6
    3. Dane Nielsen - No doubt about his value as a back-up centre. 6
    4. Justin Hodges - Blew one try, scored another in controversial circumstances. Was it a shepherd? He won't care. 6

    5. Brent Tate - On the angry pills early and got a bit punchy. Safe as a bank throughout. Great series from a great team player. 7
    6. Johnathan Thurston - Scored tries, set up tries, made breaks, kicked goals, produced try-saving tackles. Did the famous No.6 proud. Genius. 9
    7. Cooper Cronk - Had a quiet night playing Robin to Thurston's Batman. Until he kicked the series-winning field goal that is. 8
    8. Matt Scott - Charged into the Blues defence with no fear. His best game of the series, which is outstanding given the emotional build-up. 8
    9. Cameron Smith - Typically scheming effort. Kicked at the right times out of dummy-half to take pressure off his halves. Captain's knock. 7
    10. Petero Civoniceva - Tackled like a man playing his last Origin in the opening minutes. Ran like that too. A great warrior to the very end. 7
    11. Nate Myles - Makes the most committed workhorses feel like they are bludgers. Appetite for the hard yards is insatiable. 7
    12. Sam Thaiday - Defensive lapses early led directly to NSW points and was sloppy with his hands. Fought back well. 6
    13. Corey Parker - Made good yards in attack and produced some nice offloads. Channelled Artie Beetson with the offload for the first try. 7
    14. Matt Gillett - Hardly saw any action - no rating.
    15. Ben Te'o - In the same boat as clubmate Gillett - no rating.
    16. Ben Hannant - The polar bear found himself in wide open spaces once and ran the decoy for Hodges' try. Strong in tight. 6
    17. David Shillington - His biggest contribution was knocking out Creagh with his hip in the first half. Some silly stuff and not much impact. 5

    1. Brett Stewart - Scored trademark try to start the second half. 6
    2. Jarryd Hayne - Always hard to handle and looked dangerous with the ball but caught out defensively on a few occasions. 5
    3. Michael Jennings - Turned over possession in the second half. Hardly noticed otherwise, even during his forte, the all-in brawl. 4
    4. Josh Morris - The second-best player in his family on the night but scored a spectacular try late in the match. 6
    5. Brett Morris - A red-hot start with a big break and the first try for the Blues. An inspired selection for the decider. 7
    6. Todd Carney - Kicked out on the full from a kick-off but sideline conversion to level the scores was brilliant. 5
    7. Mitchell Pearce - Should spend less time with models and popstars and more working on his kicking game. Lacked impact. 5
    8. Tim Grant - Not as bruising as he was in Origin II. Not the first Blue to go into his shell at The Cauldron. 5
    9. Robbie Farah - Nice kick for Stewart's try but tried to milk penalty during Hodges' try and dropped the ball cold late. 5
    10. James Tamou - Was very good in the series opener but has gone backwards since. Worked hard but not eye-catching. 5
    11. Beau Scott - Biggest impact of the night was accidentally dropping his knees into teammate Jarryd Hayne. Not up to it. Rep career in limbo. 4
    12. Greg Bird - Looked out of sorts and nowhere near as good as Origin II. Very quiet by his standards. 5
    13. Paul Gallen - Did not take long to start throwing punches and mouthing off to the refs. Tireless worker but a typically boorish effort. 6
    14. Luke Lewis - Lively when introduced into the game as always. Loves rep footy but a forward pass late in the game was costly. 5
    15. Ben Creagh - Won't remember much after a head knock, in keeping with a fairly forgettable series. Have to admire courage for re-entering game. 4
    16. Anthony Watmough - Busy without being spectacular off the bench. 5
    17. Tony Williams - A scary human. Literally makes an impact on the opposition when he enters the fray. Gave away a crucial penalty in second half. 5
  6. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Boy didnt Gillett really stand up and show us what hes got, hey Porthoz?!
  7. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

  8. Oh look, it's the guy that reports other people baiting him, trying to bait me...:lol:
  9. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    Well there was a lot of talk about the Taylor / Gillette thing between you two (and many others), so I think some thing needed to be said. As I commented in that thread, all we could do is wait and see the game to judge whether the decision was right or not, and I think that outcome is quite obvious.

    Can't just say all of those things and then turn a blind eye when it was wrong..
  10. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User


    its not baiting apparently, or at least its not when other people do it. was simply making a point RE: your constant claims of gillett being better than taylor.
  11. Why? I think we all knew Gillett would be pretty crap and had been pretty crap. The argument was that Taylor wouldn't be any better.

    So just like you can't say McGuire would or wouldn't have been better than Petero, you can't say Taylor would or wouldn't have been better than Gillett.

    It's typical pointless banter that certain posters take too far.
  12. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    taylor played better than Gillett in game 1 and 2, then played the house down on the weekend. it would be safe to say he would have played better than 2 runs in 22 minutes.
  13. He was better than Gillett in game 2? Really? Frankly it was a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. They both absolutely sucked and IMO neither should've been in the 17. But that's the way it goes.

    Frankly I think giving some random the finger is the most productive thing Taylor has ever done at an Origin game.
  14. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    and we have a lot more of Taylor's historic SOO performances to go by so the argument you're putting up is really weak.. Taylor would have had a much bigger impact that Gillette.. extremely low chance that Taylor would have performed worse than Gillette..
  15. And you base that on what? Taylor's most memorable Origin moment is being held by blues players and looking like he's about to wet himself when he starts getting punched.

    I think he's a myth. He's Queensland's answer to Willie Mason. Big, powerful, fast, could be anything...but he's soft as hell and a total dumbarse.
  16. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    He was very useful when coming off the bench and running the edges, even for the compensation in the NSW defence to defend against him - that alone is worth more than what Gillette has ever shown to offer.

    I think he will avenge himself one day for that incident (fight / bashing..lol) but I know what you mean. Blue's were pretty much cowards there but, holding his arm back.
  17. Look, Taylor and Gillett are both immensely promising players. Could be anything.

    Taylor has more experience but is woefully inconsistent.
    Gillett is still very raw.

    Neither is ready for Origin at this point.
  18. Oh excuse me, I didn't notice Taylor playing... He must have been really good, or at least much better than Gillett, right? :rolleyes:

    What I said re Gillett vs. Taylor is that "AT THEIR BEST", I prefer Gillett to Taylor, and that to me Taylor is NOT Origin material. I gave reasons for that stance, which people may or may not agree with. I however stand by that opinion, I repeat... Opinion!

    I also said in the game thread that Gillett needs to improve a lot to continue to justify his Maroon jumper, but it's probably handy to ignore that.

    Funny thing when Jeba had a swipe about Petero's performance, the reaction from AP was suddenly totally opposed to this...

    As for AP, I have no intention to fuel his pettiness and disregard for other people's opinions.
  19. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    It was a difference of opinions, yes. But it was going around in circles and I said the only way to know for sure is see Gillette's performance - because we have seen Taylor's over a few years and have something to compare to.

    The same could be said for Taylor, his form needs to improve to have a maroons jumper - anyone could use that excuse every day of the week - pretty weak one. I think most people would just admit Taylor would have been a better option for game 3 than Gillette, at least the supporters I talked to all have.

    And finally, I think you are wrong once more, because Gillette at his best so far would not have been able to pull off the 80 minute performance of Taylor in the Souths vs Panthers game last weekend.

    (P.S I am a big fan of Gillette, first game I saw him play in NRL I was telling eveyone I know about how good he will be, I even felt a bit of compensation for Taylor leaving the broncs ... but I can still call it as it is..
  20. dukey

    dukey NRL Player

    Luke Lewis should be rated higher. As soon as he came on he was in everything. At one point he made three tackles in a row and shortly after put a winger into space with a strong run and a perfect pass. Why he was left on the bench until the second half is beyond me.

    Next year I'd like to see him and T-Rex brought on together at around the 25-minute mark in each half. The Maroons were clearly scared of Williams and shut him down in numbers; I think Lewis is the perfect candidate to take advantage of that perceived threat.

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