Payne Haas Arrested


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It was too good to be true. A preseason without a major injury or player in trouble..
It doesn't seem overly bad but he can find trouble

Haas was detained and charged for abusive language and intimidating police on Northern NSW .
He is due in court on the 2nd of Feb.
Time for KW to show his quality.
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statement from NSW police

“About 10pm Saturday 16th January, officers from Tweed-Byron Police District arrested a 21-year-old man on Coral Street at Tweed Heads after the man allegedly became abusive towards police,” the statement read.

“He was taken to Tweed Heads Police Station and charged with offensive language and intimidate police.

“He is due to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on Tuesday the 2nd of February.”


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Ah well, there goes another season.
I’d say the club with come down hard on him because of the so called “culture”.
At least now that Kev is in charge we won’t have to hear from all the old boys ie Tallis about this for the next 10wks.

It’s also good to see how much thing have changed in the playing group..


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Theee goes Payne for 6 weeks broncos will come down hard

I think they'll have to give him some form of punishment, for 2 reasons:

1. because if the club doesn't the NRL will definitely step in with a likely harsher punishment than we would give him
2. so Kevie can draw a line in the sand around player behavior and the consequences of that behavior.

Doesn't sound like a big deal to me. I had a girlfriend arrested on a similar charge, and all the cops were doing was trying to get a better look at her tits.

I'm pretty sure the cops weren't interested in Payne Hass' tits 😛

I immediately wondered if the cop was a Titans fan tbh. We play the tits twice in the first 10 rounds, right?

you make one flawed assumption here ... it's never been proven the Titans have fans 😁

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