NEWS Payne Haas committed to Broncos despite Wayne Bennett departure

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    Payne Haas committed to Broncos despite Wayne Bennett departure

    December 12, 2018

    New Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has struck another retention blow against Wayne Bennett, with prop sensation Payne Haas ruling out the prospect of following the super coach to South Sydney.

    In a huge coup for the Broncos, Haas — the best emerging front-rower in the NRL — has vowed to honour his Brisbane deal despite the departure of the master coach who first lured him to Red Hill.

    Just five months ago, Haas was so determined to be part of Bennett’s Broncos he signed a monster $3.4 million extension until the end of 2024, saying the NRL’s greatest coach was the only mentor who truly understood him.

    Haas’ father Gregor said his teenage son had hoped to play out his entire career under Bennett.

    That sentiment triggered fears Haas could seek a release from his Broncos deal to join Bennett at Redfern immediately following the bitter sacking of the 68-year-old last Sunday week.

    But there will be no Bennett-inspired Broncos exodus.

    In the past week, key trio Corey Oates, Tevita Pangai Jr and Matt Lodge have signed new deals, and Haas’ management yesterday torpedoed speculation the 19-year-old hulk will quit Brisbane to reunite with Bennett.

    “Payne loves the Broncos — he is staying,” said his agent, Pacific Sports Management’s Chris Orr.

    “When we signed this long-term deal we imagined Wayne Bennett was going to stay involved with the Broncos.

    “Payne has enormous respect for Wayne, but as we know in rugby league, the landscape is forever changing and Payne will now look to impress his new coach.

    “When he was coming off-contract, Payne did consider both Souths and the Storm, but we are confident the Broncos are the best fit for him to realise his potential.”

    When Haas was a free agent in 2016, he had all 16 NRL clubs chasing him, but chose the Broncos after a meeting with Bennett.

    In July, the 120kg prop recommitted to the Broncos, not anticipating the subsequent political firestorm that led to the axing of Bennett, who handed Haas his NRL debut in April — ironically against Souths.

    “Wayne Bennett is the key for Payne. He understands him,” Gregor Haas told The Courier-Mail after his son signed a six-year upgrade.

    “We signed with Brisbane because of Wayne. He is a good judge of character and understands Payne’s capabilities.

    “Wayne knows how to get the best out of Payne.”

    But Haas is backing Brisbane’s culture and Seibold’s methods to become an established NRL star next season in his comeback from a shoulder reconstruction.

    Premiership-winning veteran Brisbane forward Sam Tagataese rates Haas the best young prop he has ever seen.

    “I have been in the game a long time and I haven’t seen anything like him — he is like Bionic Man,” he said.

    “He is 120 kilos running with outside backs.

    “He is so fit for a big bloke. He is some machine … if he keeps his body in good shape and the trainers don’t overtrain him, he will have a big year in 2019.”

    Source: Courier Mail
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  2. Morkel


    Is every player that doesn’t break their contract going to be a massive coup for Seibold?

    “Anthony Seibold has sent yet another **** You to Wayne Bennett, with reports that Wayne’s previous gun oiler will not be following him to Sydney, and will indeed remain in Brisbane should Seibold wish to use his services from now on”.
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  3. Foordy


    If Haas thought he could play his entire career under Bennett, he was deluded ... did he really think Bennett would be coaching into his 80's or did he only want a career that spanned 2-3 years ... lol
    Maybe he just said things that would make the coach happy.
  4. Stu_9

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    Wow they’re really, really milking all they possibly can out of the Seibold-Bennett swap.
    Haas signed a deal until 2024, mid this year. He was always staying at the broncos.
    Will we see an article now of every player that has signed at the club?

    Time to move on media.
  5. Retention blow against Bennett, LOL. More fluff PR. Positive or not, the media agenda is sickening on either side of the fence.

    Please bring on round 1.
  6. I bleed Maroon

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    I posted a link to a Courier Mail article stating that there was a "player revolt" against Bennett after the news about his dealing with South Sydney came to light in the old thread about his departure that got a bit overlooked when the thread got moved I think.

    I don't know if this is true, but all the news about retention in the past week and articles like this one where players state they have no intention of following Bennett to Souths, I think there might be some truth to it. The playing group, including Boyd even maybe, felt a little betrayed themselves when they found out Dad was working with an opposition team behind the scenes.
  7. Sproj


    Well the only reason Lockyer signed on with the Broncs as a kid was coz he knew Siebold would coach the Broncos in 2019, you heard it here first.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'm in the pro coach swap camp but some of these articles are getting ridiculous. The kid signed a long term deal months ago and somehow its a win for Seibs over Bennett because Hass intends to honor the contract. I really can't stand Peter Badel, I wish i could do my job as poorly as he does and keep getting paid.
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  10. Morkel


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  11. 1910

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    This seems more relevant every time I read the paper.

    It’s about to get worse because it isn’t working.
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  12. Not working, in that the journo is not ingratiating himself?
  13. Kyall

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    This guy seriously could be a starting prop next year especially if he keeps up this training.
  14. bronx89

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    Yippy kiyay mother fofo
  15. Foordy


    I know he is your type of player, given that he has played a grand total of 30 mins in first grade, but highly unlikely he starts ahead of the likes of Lodge, TPJ or Ofahengue ...

    people seriously need to get out of this mindset that starting instantly means someone is a better player. having a quality bench is severely under-rated by many. this is a 17 man game not a 13 man game. having the right balance between starting players and the bench can be all he difference.

    apart from giving players a spell or providing injury cover, the bench has two important functions:

    1. to maintain the momentum if you have the upper hand
    2. to change the momentum in your favour, if you are on the back foot.

    the bench also allows us to ease inexperienced players (like Haas) into the rigors and intensity of NRL footy.

    some players are more suited to start than the bench and vice versa. players like Glenn and Su'a are your 80 min workhorses, but don't provide as much impact from the bench.

    where as a player like TPJ is explosive and can change the momentum in our favour in a single run, especially if coming in fresh, up against tired defence.

    IMO our bench next year should consist of:

    14. Nikorima
    15. TPJ
    16. Haas
    17. Fifita
  16. Morepudding

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    I really love when people talk about bench players coming on against tired defence... For the most part teams tend to rotate players a t the same time. While interchanges are at 8, it's not often that defence will really be 'tired' to be honest...
  17. Well, I'm going to revive an old thought I've written about before and say I'd love to see Lodge and Tagatese start. A really good old hard nut with a young firebrand. I know I know, everyone thinks Taga won't get a game until origin if at all but I reckon he's got a Harvey Howard season in him, 14 appearances and a gf ring sounds about right ha ha.
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  18. Foordy


    you've been watching too many American sports ... this isn't like the NFL or Hockey where your swap out your entire bloody lineup ... at most you'll interchange 1 or 2 players at a time
  19. Footy Fanatic

    Footy Fanatic BRL Player

    I think TPJ is the perfect player to be our starting lock, we should have enough fire power coming off the bench.

    Just out of interest who should our halfback and lock be if Nikorima and TPJ are coming off the bench?
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