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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Bucking Beads, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Does anyone here know much about Crate training a puppy? I'm doing as much prep work as I can before I bring a puppy into my family.
  2. You wouldn't tell from my big dopey thing that she is trained, but it's actually pretty simple. Just take your time, make sure it's happy, and stay with it a little bit after giving it plenty of treats.

    The worst thing you can do is keep going back to it if it cries or barks. That will only show it that making the noise will mean you come back in. A hard thump on the wall will usually do the trick.
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  3. Yeah, do not teach it that being noisy and obnoxious is OK by rewarding it with your presence. People often think that going back to tell the puppy off works... it does not, as it won't understand the punishment, but will know that making noise gets you there!

    It will take a little while until the puppy understands the rules, but it will be worth it.

    Also, make the crate smaller if necessary, to toilet train the pup. They don't like to sleep where they go, so they will learn faster to wait until taken outside, as long as you do it often enough. Of course, there will be some unsavoury mess to clean up initially but when done well, all it takes is a few weeks perseverance.
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    Also, rolled up newspaper. Don't listen to the bleeding hearts, smacking it across the nose won't hurt it, but they hate the noise it makes.
  4. If you have a yard and let it outside, it will try to dig under the fence.

    I always put pepper alongside the fence to stop my dog from digging under the fence. He hated it.
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  5. Bucking Beads

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    Thanks guys. We are thinking Crate training so we can keep the dog as an inside dog at night and if the there is a Storm or extreme Heat. The plan is to have it outside while we are at work and most of the day though. We still aren't sold on crate training but my wife is panicked about a dog barking all night and waking the kids.
  6. Bucking Beads

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    OK dog people. What is the best product to use as a dog treat when training my new pup. I picked up some cheaper stuff from Coles and it's not agreeing with her.

    Any help is appreciated thanks.
  7. I used bacon bits from the deli. Cheap, tiny, delicious.
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  8. Bucking Beads

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    That's a really good idea. Diced bacon or even shredded ham that way I can snack too.
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  9. abashii

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    I just used little bits of dry food and a lot of body language.
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  10. Bucking Beads

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    Actually I like that. I'll try it before I buy diced bacon.
  11. ningnangnong

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    I mean, if you're using bacon, I'll let you train me.
  12. Rico

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    Best and cheapest is dirty old luncheon meat / Devon. Cut it into really small cubes.. your dog will love it. You can also use cheese too.
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  13. You can use her meal to train her (dry dog food). Will make her more interested in training than if she's not hungry, while keeping her fit by not feeding her too much crap...
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    The poor girl couldn't stop herself overnight and made a mess of her crate. She's so quiet we couldn't hear her. Not a fun clean up at 4am. Hopefully getting rid of the cheap treats helps her. Off to take her for a walk now.
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  15. Not all dogs like this stuff and it does take a bit of time to make.

    But I always used to go to a pet produce store and buy a big lot of Kangaroo mince.

    Then I would cook it up, crumb it and make little roo mince balls with it. I would make enough to last a few days.

    My dog loved them. He would jump up and down whenever I grabbed some out and I always used those when training him.

    If you've never cooked Kangaroo mince, be warned, it **** stinks. But it's really good for them. Alternatively, when you're training her you could just break off little bits of the mince.

    But all of the things everyone else said would probably be better, and less time consuming.
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  16. Bucking Beads

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    I think our first mistake was feeding her at 6pm. Now we'll only feed her in the mornings. She's pooped a lot though. Not sure how often a dog should poo in a day. She's had a little dig trying to get out too. That's a worry.
  17. Dash

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    When they're young, you should feed them twice a day (half the amount each time). It's better for them to eat smaller amounts more often. The amount of food they need to eat each day is a bit much for their little tummies to handle. They will poo (and pee) a lot, just like human babies, but after a few months they'll start to go less often.
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  18. As Dash said, they need time to settle their stomachs to new diets and new environments, so they will be loose for a while. Make sure you try different foods over time and settle with the one(s) she seems to enjoy and is less sensitive to. A good dog food is more expensive, but repays itself in health and feeding quantity you need!

    Dogs will dig and try to get out wherever they see a chance. Some are downright escape artists, so don't make assumptions about their ability to do things... they will surprise you more often than not, and not in a good way!
    Ensure your property is escape proof, especially under the fence line, as no hole is too small for them to escape, and of course, avoid forgetting to close gates, especially with little children!
  19. Bucking Beads

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    Her is looking normal now..since we stopped with the cheap treats. I've got her good quality dog food. I researched it a fair bit. She's almost a year old is feeding her once a day OK? She'll still get treats as we try and train her.
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