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    How is she with the kids?
  1. Morkel


    Unbelievable. When we met her we knew she was perfect. Doesn't jump up, doesn't go apeshit and bowl them over. Just super chilled and affectionate. My youngest is still terrified, but even when she stands there and screams like she's about to be murdered (which can often make dogs react badly), Pearl just stands there nonthreatening, half looking at her, as if to say "just fucking pat me, stupid".
  2. [​IMG]

    Here's the squad residing at my house at the moment. (The dog is my sisters but she's living with us temporarily.)

    Dogs name is Dingo, no reasoning required.
    Cats name is Milkshake, no reasoning required.
    Chickens name is ShitLord2000, no reasoning required.

    There's also a second Chicken roaming around the backyard somewhere, aptly named ShitLord2000 Mk II.. I genuinely don't understand how chickens shit so much. They're lucky they've been producing premium eggs for us for 4 straight seasons or they'd be KFC by now.
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  3. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    These are my two goofballs. Ollie at the top is a Cattle Dog x Border Collie, and George at bottom is a Staffy x American Staff x Rottweiler.

    20180214_214240.jpg 20180214_214053.jpg
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  4. Morkel


    Lots of this.

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  5. Took my dog Jack to the vet today, his 14 years old now and getting on, doing well for his age but his got a bit of arthritis and feels it in the winter. Going to keep an eye on it I don't want him to suffer should it get a lot worse.
  6. PerthBrissy987

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    Growing up so fast

    IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0268.JPG IMG_0401.JPG
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  7. PerthBrissy987

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  8. The picture doesn't work and I tried to fix it but I can't so now I'm upset at that, and that I'm not seeing a dog. Day ruined.
  9. Morkel


    I don't have pics, but if it makes you feel better you can form a mental picture my dog on the weekend.

    * Knows how to not only open the screen door, but the inwards-opening heavy main door.

    * Escapes before we can remove her doggy jumper, finds nearest collection of dog poo, rolls in it continuously.

    * Comes inside and smears it down the hallway wall and then my legs as she rubs up to me all excited.

    * Dog gets washed in the shower (thankfully by The Wife). Doggy Jumper hosed out and washed in machine. I have to wash my own legs.

    * Is out again (with permission), comes back with what looks from a distance to be a dead bird in her mouth.

    * Dead bird is actually the paw from a Very Large Kangaroo (presumably dead, and dead a while).

    * Large Kangaroo Paw discarded, dog retreats.

    * Dog returns smelling like she has rolled in the carcass of Very Large Dead Kangaroo.

    * Dog showered again.

    * Strategic search of property fails to find location of Very Large Dead Kangaroo, dog restricted to the back yard for remainder of weekend.
  10. PerthBrissy987

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    Here is the locked pic
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  11. Tom

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    Dogs that wear vests are so much more sophisticated than their non vest wearing counterparts

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