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    An update on my dog, Buddha.
    Vet report this morning was V positive. Blood transfusion worked a treat, he's no longer hemorrhaging internally. Anti venom seems to be working too.
    Too weak to eat, can now hold down fluids though.
    Vet said... "Purely because he is so exceptionally fit & healthy, he's now a solid 75+% chance of getting through this"
    I'm starting to feel a little better.
    Can't visit him till tomorrow...
    Fuk. I miss him.
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  1. **** yeah, good news. I have no advice, I hate not having my dog.
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  2. That is some good news mate, hope he keeps up the fight.
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    An update on Buddha.
    He's coming good!
    Still not completely out of the woods yet. The vet is now quite confident he'll be fine though:dancer2:
    Visiting him this afternoon. Hopefully have him home on Sunday.
    *** yeah! :b1:
  3. Bought Buddha home today:aplastao:

    Feels sooo goood!

    Fuk he's sick though, he can only take about 20 steps before he collapses. It's a 6week recovery period...

    Seeing him in full flight will be the best Christmas present EVER!

    So glad he's home.

    Both my kids & my two dogs are at home with me right now. All sharing beautiful loving space & time. Life's good.

    BHQ, Thank You for your support guys, I don't really understand how or why, but a group of random usernames on a footy forum does actually help... it really makes a difference.
    Dogs rule!
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  4. Best weekend story ever.
  5. Excellent news. A picture of said dog would complete the story however.
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  6. No can do mate. I only have a phone, it won't let me.
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  7. Oh, hang on...!
    My Daughter has her laptop here. I'll see what I can do.
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  8. received_1925391250831783.jpeg
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  9. Morkel


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  10. Delicious salt.
  11. Our new girl, 10 weeks old... meet Kuma.

  12. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

  13. Morkel


    Thanks. My son looks a bit munted but it’s bloody hard to get 3 kids & 2 dogs to sit still.

    Credit to the photographer. This is the 3rd time we’ve used her and she’s awesome. Had a deal going for a Christmas shoot and it was like $130 for 20 full res shots. We just paid her $10 a week for 3 months, did the shoot last Saturday. That’s just a sample shot she’s sent while she works on the full batch, we haven’t seen any others yet.
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  14. Looks munted? Poor kids takes after Dad.
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  15. Morkel


    Nah, the kid is actually georgeous as **** irl. Don’t know how, keep seeming to pop out good looking ones despite looking like, y’know, me.
  16. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Haha bloody hell, bit harsh on ya young lad there mate! Looks just like a typical, joyful kid to me.
  17. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    So it’s that time in my boys life that he needs a good dog. I plan to have two dogs, but will start with one pup and then a rescue dog in a year or so.

    I love kelpies, dingo crosses, staffys, boxers, ridgebacks, cattle dogs - almost in that order.

    Recently though, I’ve been convinced that one smaller dog might be a good way to start and I’ve fallen head over heals for my mates French bulldog.

    What I really don’t want is an oily/smelly dog. I had a beautiful short haired black Labrador with an almost human disposition as my childhood dog, but she stank to high heaven even with weekly baths.

    What should I know about buying a frenchy, as I’m aware there can be particular health issues to beware of? My partner works with a breeder of these dogs, but I don’t know much about them.

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