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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Bucking Beads, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Like a lot of those small ‘dogs’, respiratory problems mostly
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    I’ve never been a fan of small dogs. They’re more like yapping little cats most of the time. But this particular dog has won me over. At least as a first dog that my little fella can handle.
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    They are super cute but suffer from the pug syndrome of not listening to anyone and just doing things their own way. Haha
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    Apart from being very expensive Frenchies are gorgeous loveable dogs that make fantastic indoor family pets, as mentioned there are some health issues.

    As with all Purebreds the gene pool in Australia is very limited, making it difficult to eradicate all current and hereditary defects. That said buying a pup from a reputable breeder should help mitigate alot of their genetic defects minimising/preventing the risk of premature early death. Proper breeders test their dogs for genetical defects prior to breeding. It’s important to ask for the dogs lineage papers, not so much for breeding purposes but for clarity as to where the dogs bloodlines lye. You do not want to purchase a pup that although is a purebred shares a close family line.

    Health aside, I’d be more concerned with the heat, these guys (along with all short muzzled dogs) have serious respiratory disorders which make them prone to heatstroke. Any struggles in warmer temperatures can be deadly. I hope your planning on keeping the Frenchie indoors over summer, they don’t cope well if left outside in the heat. Sadly there’s a very high chance that if left outside in the heat you might come home to a dog whose passed away from heatstroke.

    As for the smell, they like most bulldogs do tend to smell a little. If I could make a suggestion, Id look at maybe something like a cavoodle. This is a hybrid small dog cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a small Poodle making them genetically stronger as well as hypoallergenic, meaning they shed little to no hair. Again just be cautious and ensure you buy your dog from a reputable breeder. You might pay a bit more but at least you’re ensuring yourself of minimal heartache down the line.
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    Thought about a Jack Russell? Great ‘little’ dogs, great with kids and a ton of fun. Tons of personality, they don’t smell and are unbelievably trainable.
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  6. So this^
    I grew up with Jacks.
    The most awesome small dogs!
    Definitely worth a look @soup@soup
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  7. Sirlee oldman

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    We always have a Jack Russell and a Labrador. At the moment we also have a little fluffy bundle of lurve (of indeterminate breed) and two greyhounds. Greyhounds make great pets. They are short haired and loving and lazy. I would always recommend a rescue dog.
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  8. We've always had Bittsa's in my family. My sister was the first to break the mold and get a pure breed. Highly, highly recommend a rescue dog if possible. I know several people who've done it and the love you get from one is crazy.
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  9. soup

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    You’ve all succeeded in changing my mind to buying a Jack Russel pup. My ex had one and I bloody loved it.

    What do I need to know about buying these little champs? Pure, crosses, short hair, issues, etc?
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  10. I have to look after my oldest brothers wife's dogs when they go away on holidays just after Christmas. I was overruled when it came to making the decision.

    I don't mind looking after dogs if they are trained and obedient, but these little **** aren't. She doesn't believe in that kind of stuff, especially discipline. All she actually does is yell at them.

    She actually expects us to have the same rules here where they can stay inside the whole time and not be disciplined. Nah, not **** happening. The only time I would allow dogs to stay inside is when they are trained and obedient but even then, that's only for a small amount of time. They spend the majority of their time outside and sleep outside.

    Maybe by the time I'm done with them, they will be obedient and won't be such little **** to deal with.
  11. Rico

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    Will save your pocket too soupie. Excellent guard dogs and you won’t have any vermin around your place.

    Like you I’m a larger dog guy by background but you need something to suit for the now.

    IMO many French bulldogs are genteticaly flawed. Arseholes have bred them to the point where they can’t breathe and their bodies are so short in length they can have a heap of problems with spine developmen and internal issues
  12. Monster.
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  13. Getting them de-sexed changes NOTHING about their behaviour... They are little balls of energy. They’re always up for games and fun, but will look after themselves by running around and doing laps if they have excess energy to burn.

    No major health issues for the breed and they are great fun. Personally I prefer the short haired like mine, but they are all awesome.
  14. Mine are always trained and obedient, but they spend most of their time inside with us, and sleep inside too.

    Unless you're on a farm, or the dogs are specially trained for specific purposes, what's the point of having them if you're gonna just have them outside most of the time?
    They are companion animals, who love just being near their humans, but yes, need to be trained for everyone's benefit, including their own.
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  15. Tough day, had to make a tough decision to put down Jack, our 15 year old Kelpie, he had arthritis and it had really flared up bad the past few weeks to the point he could barely walk and that just isn't fair on him to have to go through that sort of pain. Really going to miss you Jack and thank you for all the unconditional love you gave us.

  16. Always a shit time. Condolences mate
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  17. Renegade

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    ahh i'm really sorry to hear that. my kelpie x staffy is 13 now and has slowed down considerably in the last 6 months... slowing losing his balance and spatial awareness, tripping over random things, can't really chase the ball anymore as whenever he comes to a stop his legs can't take stopping on a dime and he ends up rolling forward over 'em... i don't think i have long left with him before i have to do the right thing. suckssssssss

    not much helps at the moment but you did the right thing, not only in knowing when it's time to let go but also recognizing that for everything he gave you, the last thing you could do as an owner is do right by him.
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  18. Sucks.
    Thinking of you GCB.
    Great pic by the way, gotta love a happy kelpie smile.
    All the best mate.
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  19. I feel for you mate... I had a real hard time when I lost my shepherd a couple of years ago to an invisible cancer killer.

    Good on you to think of your little mate's interests ahead of yours. Many people forget how their comfort can sometimes be torture to their pets.
    Thanks for the support everyone much appreciated at this time.

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