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    Well done to you mate. You started together and finished together an incredible innings too. Hope your holding up ok
  2. My oldest brother has to get one of his dogs put down.

    I'm not sure what's wrong exactly, but she has a birth defect that's causing the back legs to deteriorate. They can fix it, it requires breaking the legs and re-aligning the spine, but it's going to cost thousands of dollars and she is still going to be pain for the rest of her life so it's not going to have much of a quality life. The vet has said that fixing it is pretty much pointless.

    So they are having her put down next Thursday.
  3. That's **** shit.
    Sorry to hear that mate but he has made the right decision for the dog and everyone involved, it was tough for me to make the decision to put down Jack recently but there was no way I could justify letting him continue to suffer needlessly.
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  4. So we are looking after this dog for a couple of days.

    His name is Yoshi and he’s an English Staffy. Pure bred apparently.

    I’ve only had him for half an hour and I want to keep him. Such a friendly and nice dog.

  5. Actually it turns out it's going to be for a month or two.

    The owner is going through a rough period and is getting kicked out of the place he was in and just needs the dog to stay with someone for a bit until he can find another place.
  6. I don't think this dog feels any pain.

    I was outside kicking the ball around to him for a bit and one of the kicks the ball went under a gap of the fence. It was still in the yard but it was under the gap. Does he stop when he reaches the fence to get the ball to make sure he doesn't headbutt it? Nope. He runs hard and goes head first into the fence and gets the ball. Comes back like nothing even happened.
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    hehe staffies are awesome but dumb as shit.
  8. They're awesome dogs with heads like granite. I remember hitting my sisters in the head with a cricket ball by accident. He didn't even blink, just sat there with his tongue hangin out.
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  9. Yep, you wait till that happy little bastard happily runs into your shin. Their heads are stupid thick!
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  10. This dog is just full of energy.

    It does not matter what time it is, he just wants to play all the time.

    He’s very very playful. Gets over-excited very easily.

    He’s got 3 tennis balls. He will try to fit all 3 in his mouth and follow you around.
  11. How old is he.
  12. About 5 I think.
  13. So we could be facing the possibility of having to keep the dog. It depends on whether the owner can get his shit together.

    I don’t think we can but I know I’m going to be overruled. I just don’t have the time to look after a dog full time. The only reason I agreed to look after it is because it’s temporary.

    Plus I have a cat and I don’t think this dog likes him very much. The last thing I want is to find the cat torn to pieces because the dog got a hold of it. I’ve seen that before and it’s not a pretty **** sight.

    I’ll have to wait and see what happens but if this owner can’t take the dog back then it’s going to need to go to a shelter and get given to a family that can give it the attention it needs.
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    Dog > cat. Not even a decision imo lol

    I’d take him in a heartbeat if I could, alas apartment living :(
  15. No time to look after a dog? It's not that involved mate lol. Feed it. Job done.
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    You reckon? You have to feed them, walk them, spend time with them to keep them socialised and well trained and happy. A dog which is fed and otherwise ignored doesn't turn out well.
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  17. I do reckon. They're easy.
  18. Sproj


    They don't ask for much - only food, walks, toys, to be allowed to chew whatever they want, whatever food you're eating as well and a little bit of attention of about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    Depends on the breed.
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