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    Couldn't be as dumb as the Shih Tzu we had growing up that decided it would be a great idea to bark it's head off right in front of a giant kangaroo we labelled Arnie(yeah doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why) and in turn cut it's stomach open with a kick, thankfully it survived.
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    I've never actually owned one but had a few mates that did. They were constantly worried they would get stolen because staffies don't even care who their owner is. They will just run and jump in a car if someone calls them over to it and just go along with the new "owner".
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    Staffies are stocky idiots. Their owner is food but they are super placid.

    Pugs are their own bosses, they go wherever they want, such self-entitled dogs. Haha
    Haha, this reminds me of a story when I was early teens. Had a staffy for about 8 years, one day there was a huge thunderstorm and I went outside to grab the dog. Couldn't find him, so me and mum jump in the car to see if we can find him, about 100metres down a staffy on the side of the road looks exactly the same. I call him "get over here boy", he jumps straight in the car, I head home, run to grab a towel to dry him and what do you know. My staffy was in my brother's room the whole **** time haha.

    The other staffy could pass as a twin but deadset, I called and the dumb **** ran straight over to me and jumped in the car no hesitation so naturally I had no doubt it was my dog. We found the original owner and got him delivered back.
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    All this talk of dogs makes me want one so bad. But I can't get one for at least a few years cos I'm broke as heck from the divorce and also just don't have the time. Can't stop watching these videos of this goldendoodle though. His name is Harle and he is a Good Boy.

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