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    Let's get them folks!

    Rough draft

    Billy Slater - Typical Slater performance, very involved but in terms of his Origin career I'd say it was a middle of the shelf performance.

    Darius Boyd - Scored two neat tries and did his job at the back. Made some strange choices like pulling up his chase on a kick and passing the ball in heavy traffic but otherwise a solid performance.

    Greg Inglis - Some good touches and scored the try that broke the backs of New South Wales in a dangerous period but still not a top shelf performance from one of the greatest of all time.

    Justin Hodges - Mixed performance I thought. Made a few good runs from dummy half including one that earned us a helpful penalty and made a good tackle in the end on Jennings but a couple mistakes here and there prevent me from calling this a great performance.

    Brent Tate - I love Taters but gee he made me nervous at times. What about that hospital pass to JT at the end? JESUS! At least he knows how to take it on the chin (or cheek). He's an Origin player tho and I liked how he'd come in and try and make up for it.

    Johnathan Thurston - THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! JT was JT tonight and he stamped his authority as one of the best Origin halves of all time baby. His passes to Boyd were a thing of beauty.

    Cooper Cronk - Oi Mythbusters come and bust this "Cronk is a bad Origin player" theory? What a performance, great kicking game, smart plays at the line and all in all Cooper shows that Suncorp is his kingdom. Champion.

    Mat Scott - BEST PROP IN THE GAME. Relentless, relentless, relentless Gus kept repeating that word over and over and for mine it best describes Scotty. When Matty puts his hand up, you better watch out because he's taking all the marbles.

    Cam Smith - A leader of champions. Guided the Maroons beautifully through the ruck, changing the angle of the play and keeping us constantly on top through the middle. That play at the end to not only make the tackle on I believe Watmough but claim the ball sums him up. What a tireless performer, so glad he's a Queenslander.

    Nate Myles - This guy would never play for NSW, and thank god because he's an Origin LEGEND. Mal knows and Myles delivers once again as he finally gets some support from his team mates. If Sheens doesn't have him in his starting line up then Australia don't deserve to win.

    Chris McQueen - Did his job of protecting JT. Could do better but didn't let anybody down.

    Sam Thaiday - Got us off to a great start with some energetic runs and while he seemingly got few opportunities I thought Sam was on tonight.

    Corey Parker - Brought his Broncos form to the Maroons. What a resurgence from Corey. Never thought it was going to happen, but since he's doned the Maroon he's been able to show the same heart and commitment that he does in his beloved Broncos jersey. Guys, if you aren't a fan what's your problem? Unlucky not to have scored a try either, that would have been great.

    Daly Cherry Evans - He tried hard but gee the Blues made some easy metres running over the top of him. Didn't really add anything at all to the side.

    Ben Te'o - Ran a million miles an hour when he got the ball and made some strong front on tackles.

    Matt Gillett - Made some good hits and brushed off a few tackles. Looked likely without breaking the game wide open. Similar to Te'o

    Josh Papalii - Nice cameo when we needed a good cameo.

    New South Wales
    Josh Dugan - Couple good touches but looked shakey at times and didn't really give the Blues a lot out wide.

    Brett Morris - Didn't get much ball. Decent try at the end was all you could really credit him for.

    Michael Jennings - Made a couple neat tackles but didn't really get that much opportunity and when he did he blew it.

    Josh Morris - Pretty average, made some decent tackles on GI but otherwise killed what should have been a try but messed it up.

    Nathan Merritt - Steve Turner mk2 now stfu Souths fans.

    James Maloney - Invisible man

    Mitchell Pearce - Looked likely but once again gave the Blues little direction. Keeping picking the whinging prick.

    Paul Gallen - Really put in tonight...but what a sook! Was allowed to get away with so much in the ruck but kept bitching like a giant vagina.

    Robbie Farah - Another player who tried his heart out but obviously wasn't at 100%. Set up the lone try so I'll give him that.

    Aaron Woods - Ordinary. Made a couple dumb mistakes, he's only a kid though so won't tear into him too much.

    Luke Lewis - Had me worried everytime he had the ball. Easily the player of the series so far. Respect.

    Ryan Hoffman - He played? Got the ball stripped, easily stopped by Cronk and that's all I remember.

    Greg Bird - Made some good runs, but not one of his stronger games.
    Andrew Fifita - What a grub! Made some decent runs but always good for a dumb mistake as well.

    Trent Merrin - Always had me frightened near the line, played better with more game time. But what a moron for throwing that punch, dead-set should have been the only player binned but refs are too scared about the NSW bitching

    Josh Reynolds - Spose he had to come on for the underdone Farah but clearly wasn't up to playing hooker at this level. Nothing too terrible, just ordinary.

    Anthony Watmough - Made a couple of nice runs but also made Watmough esque mistakes.

    Overall: Maroons were champions. You're witnessing history here folks, live it up, enjoy it and collect these memories because this is what we're going to be telling those grand-kids about down the line.
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  1. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    Gillett made a brilliant cover tackle on Dugan in the 34th minute that I think typified why I think he'll succeed at Origin.
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  2. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Indeed, can't wait for the day I get to tell young'ns about the best Origin team in history.

    Everyone chipped in for QLD, couldn't believe it when Scott looked out of his feet at one point but found an extra gear to keep carting it up and making tackles :scared:
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  3. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    I wonder if Merritt will play in game 3? Geez I hope so.
  4. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Yeah hopefully qld pick him again
  5. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    That post shows your a troll
  6. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    Now I'm curious which BHQ user you actually are. Surely you've only got FaithInHook ahead of you on the novelty account of the year award.
  7. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    NSW's best:

    Lewis (ok guys, he's going to run an angle cut back inside line, oh shit he just made a line break, again)
    Merrin (other than being latest member of the Gallen, Bird, Tamou, Fifita neck tat thug crew)

    NSW's backs will get more space game three to allow more opportunities.

    Merritt - any player, let alone one on debut, would have got teabagged all night down that left side. If he played for Qld he'd get another chance, especially over a stupid **** like Ferguson, but NSW will probably pick a third option like Uate.
  8. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    AHA! Got ya... How can you be sick and tired of something you've only been a part of for less than a month... The plot thickens
  9. Was proud of Corey. He had a great game!
  10. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    You take sooking to a whole new level. Big Gal would be proud
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  11. Is he like playing the best football of his career right now???

    Fantastic effort last night. He adds so much more to the side than Ash harrison (cue RL officendos telling me they play different roles....:001_rolleyes:. Whatever.....he just does)

    I can't remember another player who has turned his game around as much as Parker has in the back end of his career. In my mind he has gone from average first grader to Marquee level in the space of about 3 yrs.
  12. Fox Sports ratings are bang on imo.
  13. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Playing on the edges and playing in the middle is different though. :001_tt2:

    I've been a massive fan of Parker since 06. He was fantastic off the bench for us then. Had impact in his runs and provided good offloads (including one that led to the Tate try in the GF if I remember correctly). He changed his game in 08, being a workhorse but having little impact in his runs or tackles. In 2010 he got that impact back while maintaining his workrate. And now he seems to have combined all of his best qualities over the years - strong running, great workrate and great offloads.
  14. Yep, I have never seen him play so well!
  15. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    Thurston and Cronk were outstanding. They both clicked last night, setting up two tries each. The kicking game from both of them was particularly fine. Need a repeat performance from them in the decider. I am a bit worried about the referees and their impact for Game 3. I think the Blues know they can't win in a fair fight so am expecting a torrent of whinging from Daley and Gallen, Paul Kent etc. If the 10m are consistent and the markers are square, the maroons will win comfortably.
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  16. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I think there is a pretty clear difference in the way the QLD halves operate compared to Pearce. Pearce has never been a very creative player, but he always gets praised for being able to put players into holes. I'm now positive it's got more to do with the players outside of him more than himself. Like Mitchell Aubusson is one of the best hole runners in the game. The difference between him and someone like Thurston or Cronk is that he can't sell it as well as those 2 can. You can always tell when he's going to hit a back rower and when he's going to pass behind them. Thurston and Cronk can surprise even the viewers. This is why I think NSW has to get rid of him ASAP - even his go to play isn't going to trouble QLD because they'll know when it's coming.
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  17. No no no no no... Pearce is awesome. Really!
  18. Best halfback in the world isn't he? At least that's what Stuart thinks.
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    I really hope the selectors panic and bring in the Rabbitohs halves.

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