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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ningnangnong, Nov 24, 2013.

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    How recent? System Restore?
  2. Don't you dare.
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  3. It's BF1 specific, I've had no other frame drop. EA have pushed through a number of updates recently in the lead up to the release of BFV and I'm thinking one of those has triggered something. Hence my thought that a clean install of the game would fix the issue. But Black ops 4 is coming out this week so......
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    So game updates, not OS updates. Carry on.

    Oh I dare. I double dare and physical challenge. Saved me many times on our rip computers.
  5. If you use windows repair.......
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  6. Morkel


    'System Restore" ?
  7. You sure the Nvidia driver from a few days ago didn't push through? That's definitely caused me some problems.
  8. Automatic Repair could not repair your PC. We know you can't boot, but you can grab the log file from Windows. They could at least be helpful and put a "**** it, Format" button on the fail message.
  9. Positive. I noticed this a couple of weeks ago but I play the game so rarely these days that I wasn't concerned.
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    What you’re talking about is not what I was suggesting.

    Large format printing Rips are glitchy, we have the best available and it’s still temperamental AF. 3-4 different times it’s decided to not initialise properly, and every time it was caused by a Windows update **** with it. Rolling back with System Restore was able to fix it (and updates cancelled) until there was a patch available for the Rip that allowed us to install the OS updates without crashing it.

    Thought it might have been a viable option with @Harry Sack@Harry Sack if it was potentially an OS update that caused it.
  11. I think you may have missed the meaning of our little mate's comment above. "If you use Window repair...." should be taken as a threat. Because Windows Repair is stupid. Windows restore is different, we know. It's the option you realise you forgot to turn off when you can't understand why you keep running out of space. Or you have a weird ass printer attached to it.
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    Y'know you can set a limit to how much space it uses. You clearly haven't fucked enough shit up to have not found System Restore a lifesaver even just once. It's worth throwing 2-3gb at it as insurance.

    Weird ass printers. Without a functioning Rip there's $700k worth of Very Large Paperweights in my dungeon.
  13. You are so far out of your element talking to me about PCs mate.
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    I'm sure I am. But then again, I've fucked up a lot of shit...
  15. To clarify, the "Windows Repair" part is an ongoing joke tbh.

    System restore I have actually used in the past with little success (not for a long time might I add).....but I have never had success when I click Windows Repair. The stupid bloody thing fucks around for ages then says..."Nah, she's fucked mate"

    Has anyone had success with it?
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  16. It's as useless as the network repair

    "Checking Problems. Disable adapater. Enable adapter. Haha that did **** all, wanna try windows repair and waste more time?"
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  17. The repair tools while it's booted and working, like network repair, maybe 1/50 times it does something. It's good for networking repairs since most of the time restarting the network adapter fixes it, and that's all that shit tool does.

    If Windows isn't booting though, that windows repair thing, I don't recall it ever fixing the boot, like ever. Only exception is if it's a failed major Windows update, it rolls back the update and I have seen that work.
  18. 1/50. That's like 50 hours paid waiting right there. Businessman.
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  19. The man knows how to charge for sure.
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    Haha, 50 hours. If it's not showing progress within 2-3 minutes it's moved to nuke and restart.

    Only exception is business PCs where getting custom programs from the 90's, and the customer having no idea where their licences are, well in that case, **** re-installing. Goes from a 20 minute re-install to a multiple day thing.

    "Oh I had Adobe on there, but I don't know what version, or what licence, or where the install discs are, or who bought it, or what email it's tied to..." Way too much effort.

    "I swear Office came with the computer, I never paid for it" Yes you did. It's never bundled, ever.
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