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    Oath. Pay up or go to your local dude on Gumtree who uses super glue and zip ties to keep things together.
  1. Nothing wrong with zip ties m8. Unless you're using it to hold your gpu fan on or this fucknut

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  2. You don't need zip ties for all components though. Like me fixing my PSU fan....

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  3. Morkel


    * writes down notes
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  4. Looks safe for sure. Housing is surely only cosmetic.
  5. Do I need to remind you of the custom electrical job I did to get power to that case fan that I shoved in the PSU?
  6. No, let the horror not be relived.
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  7. Alright nerdburgers, I'm thinking of getting a gaming laptop but I don't really have an idea of what the current state of GPU and CPU are. I'm pretty sure the last PC I built was a single core.

    I don't think I need the most powerful but good specs to run games like Battletech and Civ smoothly.

    So recommendations? I'm not going to rush it and may even wait until I go to Europe next year so if buying in the UK is a better option then I could do that.
  8. Budget is a good thing. I got my sister a Dell gaming laptop from their factory outlet. Just a refurbished one but it looks brand new and the specs were solid. It was roughly $400 cheaper than brand new from memory
  9. Budget isn't a concern tbh
  10. Alienware and MSI are worth a look. @broncospwn@broncospwn for the sweet recomendations though.
  11. What's your preferences? Performance first? Or something (relatively) thin & light that can also play some games?
  12. Portability isn't really an issue with my laptop use so I'd say performance over weight but I don't think I need the most high performing laptop though.

    And a 15' screen, 17 is just too big.... that's what she said.
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  13. Being in Australia, I strongly prefer Dell because their warranty is just straight up excellent. Anytime I've ever had issues, they have someone out next business day fixing it, so while I don't think they're outright the best, I just can't go past them. Acer for example, has no warranty centre in QLD last I checked.

    Dell just announced a new Alienware M15, it's a thin and light gaming laptop(a first from Alienware) which should have an i7-8750h, GTX 1060, or GTX 1070 Max Q. I'm not sure on the Australian pricing yet, but I'd say it should start below 2k. Oct 25 should be the release date.

    Other really nice options
    MSI GS65 Stealth
    Gigabyte Aero 15
    Dell G7

    As far as specs go anything with an i7- 8th Gen and a GTX 1060 will be good, 1070 will be a bit nicer.
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  14. Even if it's a second hand computer that was originally obtained on a stolen credit card?
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Sure, that too
  17. The pricing it out.

    USD $1,380 for the base model in the US which converts to just under AUD$2000.

    Dell's Australian price: $2,800.

    Ye olde Australian tax
    What's the deal with international warranty?

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