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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Cult3, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. mitch222

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    Anyone get the feeling they are going to have Orton drop the title to Wyatt at Payback so he can take the title to RAW seeing how Lesnar only shows up once every two months and they really don't have a fighting champion at the moment. Smackdown got beat down this week with Jinder Mahal the number one contender. They have fallen way off from AJ/Orton/Wyatt/Cena in the title frame.
    They need a few changes. Make Owens drop to Corbin and get him around the main event. Corbin/Ziggler/Zayn/Rawley can go for the US title. Owens/Styles/Orton for the main title. Team Rowan and Harper up for tag titles push against American Alpha, Usos, Colons. I have no idea how you book Nakamura. He isn't great on the mic and the fan following will die down soon when they realise this. You can only be a weirdo for so long before they tire of it
    They really should have moved Balor to smackdown. He could main event there with AJ in decent matches and maybe for control of the Bullett Club with Gallows & Anderson. He wont get the title of Lesnar
  2. I don't, largely because having two World Champions on the same brand would take away from Roman beating Brock Lesnar which is the plan right now.

    The WWE locker room has a high opinion of Randy Orton as a worker, and I can't see him dropping the belt back to Bray after beating him at Wrestlemania.

    I'm willing to give them time. SmackDown has consistently been one of the best shows the WWE has produced in years and they've got a good track record of getting the best out of everyone on the roster.

    I'd be shocked if Orton/Mahal main events Backlash. I can see it being a co-main event with it taking a back-seat either to a Nakamura or AJ Styles match.

    Just keep it simple. I don't think there's going to be a sophisticated formula, so just book Nakamura against guys who can work, save his matches for special events and see how he goes. It either gets over or it doesn't.
  3. Foordy


    I don't really get what they are doing with the Strowman vs Reigns storyline ...

    3 weeks ago they had Strowman attack him from behind, then when he was on the stretcher and finally tipping over the ambulance.

    then at payback the had the match (with reigns coming out with his torso and shoulder completely bandaged) getting him to put up a gallant fight before losing. then after the match they have Strowman attack Reigns with the steel steps until he is spitting up blood, before again trying to attack him while he is being helped into the ambulance.

    i don't see the point or the value in the storyline
  4. Browny

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    It's making all the fans of Roman have epic sooks tho lol

    Reigns will come back defeat Braun and the Beast to win the Universal title. Oh and Vince will end up like the SouthPark jizz meme
  5. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Player

    And another WM will end with 80,000 booing Reigns out of the building.
  6. CaptainHook

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    I don't get the Roman Reigns hate at all.

    There are a dozen wrestlers on the roster worse than he is.

    I think his performances have definitely improved over the last 12 months. Not great by any means, but the hate is ridiculous.
  7. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Player

    Shoved down throats Cena style. If they had let Daniel Bryan have his time, then Reigns would have gotten over big time after that.
  8. Foordy


    Backlash was weird IMO

    the Tag Title match was one of the stupidest things I have seen in a WWE ring (especially in a title match)

    I didn't like the way the US title match ended

    and I seriously don't get giving Jinder Mahal the WWE Title
  9. mitch222

    mitch222 NRL Captain

    I wonder who Mr America is going to be? This is what they are setting up for
  10. Cult3

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    Jinder winning the title is an attempt to get coverage in India. The possible market over there is huge. I just wish there was a better build. He definitely looks the part but its hard to forget his past as a jobber.

    If they ran with him being a peaceful and not wanting to hurt anyone but had the Bollywood Boys doing his bidding for a few months, then have him snap on someone like AJ and he would probably be more legitimate. Although you tend to see midcard wrestlers elevated directly after Wrestlemania. Guys like Ziggler have got their title pushes around that time too.
  11. It really did come at a strange time. The week before he won the no. 1 contender match, he got destroyed by Sami Zayn on raw. It really seems like an overnight decision.

    You could still get similar exposure for him winning the US title and you can build him from there. But to go from a jobber one week to World champ the next is pretty crazy.
  12. Cult3

    Cult3 Banned User

    I'm really worried that this is going to lead to a Jinder Mahal VS Mojo Rawley title match. Fuck Mojo Rawley.

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