Proud Dad Moments

Mr Fourex

State of Origin Rep
18 yro Fourex has been shopping around for his first car over the last few months. He's settled on a Mitsubishi Express LWB Van.

Previously he and his mates had been sussing out inspections themselves. This weekend his mates are away.......Fourex jnr had inspected this one himself during the week, liked it, but.......didn't quite have the confidence or know how (tbh) to make the call.

So instead....he did the right thing, he asked Dad (Me!!) to come along and suss things out for him.
Before entering the marine paint industry, I'd been in the automotive panel & paint game for 15 yrs....and worked around enough mechanics to at least know the basics.

The lads instincts were right....all seemed above board with the van......he is now the proud owner of his first car.

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