QLD NRL clubs reserves to play in Intrust Cup – Hypothetical

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    Off season is winding on, sick of reading or not reading about the coaching for 2019, so thought I’d introduce a new thought.

    No ideas of numbers for or against , but my gut tells me that there is a desire for an actual Broncos reserve grade team to train and play as a team somewhere, as opposed to farming its depth players out to Intrust cup clubs. It seems that a return to a National reserve grade comp has no support, but would it be feasible for the Queensland based NRL teams to have a reserve team play in the Intrust Cup in addition to the existing QRL clubs. I see room for Broncos with the other Brisbane teams, and Titans with the other Gold Coast teams, just not sure if there is room for Cowboys and Blackhawks in Townsville. I think the Cowboys heavily fund the Blackhawks, so maybe Blackhawks rebadge as Cowboys. Apart from the QRL finding a reason to oppose it, is there really any logistical or financial reasons why this couldn’t happen. I know there will be arguments on player drain, but new teams and increased player numbers present new opportunities for talent to emerge.

    As it is, the NRL clubs already pay for the players in their top 30 plus development players, so maybe if there had to be some tinkering with squad sizes there may be some extra player payments, but wouldn’t imagine it to be huge. Currently 14 QRL clubs play 23 rounds plus a bye, so the draw is already uneven to a degree, the addition of 2 or 3 teams surely wouldn’t make the balance of the draw that different to what it is now. I would envisage the reserve teams playing home games as curtain raisers for NRL games whenever possible with the draw, and on the road for away games, same as all clubs. I don’t see how as a collective comp travel costs would change dramatically, as teams are already travelling around the state.. Not sure who funds this at the moment, but if the comp stays the same length I don’t see there having to be a great deal of extra air travel. And unlike the old Holden cup where the u20s were treated as junior gods, I think the NRL reserves should operate like the majority of the existing Intrust teams… fly in fly out game day, with minimal accommodation costs where possible.

    I see great positives in this idea.. Rugby league fans get a new opportunity to engage with 2nd tier footy and NRL at the same time. Broncos (and other NRL fans) get to see their next tier of players regularly at home games, while at the same time get better exposed to the other intrust teams (think it’s fair to say that only the hard core fans know that much about 2nd tier footy). Also some rivalry opportunities.. Traditionalists who blame Broncos for all ills in the QRL/BRL will actually play against them regularly. I think the NRL clubs depth would improve as they would have greater control and development of their 2nd tier players, playing regularly together in consistent structures, not subject to opposition from feeder clubs trying to balance their needs and NRL needs.
    Not sure about the Storm, but I think because of distance it would work to keep Falcons and Easts as feeders if that’s what works best for them. These feeders could be part of curtain raisers when Storm play away games in Qld.
    Anyway, not likely to happen but something different to speculate on. Flame on.
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    Yeah, I'd love to see this kind of thing happening. Doesn't Penrith have some kind of set up like this? Shows that it can be done at least.

    One potential issue maybe is the fact there's only one fullback/halfback/hooker etc spot for a young bloke to play. If you had two young fullbacks signed, you'd want them both playing that position as much as possible.

    I'd love to see it, and the return of the curtain raiser match!
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    A lot of the Sydney teams also have a NSW cup side that acts as their reserve grade. It hasn't been mirrored here because the Qld Cup used to be the top tier comp in Queensland. The Broncos were added to the NSWRL, as opposed to, say the Qld teams merging with the NSW teams to make a national comp, in which case we would have ended up with NRL clubs like Redcliffe etc, who would likely have a NRL team and a reserve-grade team, like many Sydney teams do.
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