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Would rather Trump than the creepy ass Biden. Also, Trump's the only one with the balls to call China out on this when it's all said and done. I hope he leads the West in making sure China pays for this.

As bad as Biden may be, having Trump as president is genuinely embrrasing for this day and age. Watch some Trump speeches in southern states and it's particulaly vile and tranparent how he abuses their faith. Manipulating faith to gain power is not what I want from a leader at all.


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Third Rock from the Sun
Par for the Trump course...

2. The doctor who led the federal agency in charge of developing a coronavirus vaccine said he was removed from his post for questioning a virus treatment promoted by President Trump.
Dr. Rick Bright was abruptly dismissed this week after he pressed for a rigorous vetting of use of the drug hydroxychloroquine. The doctor told The Times that science, not “politics and cronyism,” must lead the way in fighting the virus.



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Andrew Lame-0 Laming calling for parents to take their kids to school, record it on their mobiles and call the cops on the principals who refuse to take them.

Can someone reverse the lobotomies the LNP voters in Redlands seem to have? Why do they keep reelecting this **** wit?


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Anyone still think that pos Pell doesn't belong behind bars forever? Sick ****.

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