PRE-GAME Round 1 - Storm vs Broncos

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  1. Foordy


    NRL - Round 1
    Thursday, 14th of March, 2019
    storm.gif broncos.gif
    1. Jahrome Hughes
    2. Suliasi Vunivalu
    3. Will Chambers
    4. Curtis Scott
    5. Josh Addo-Carr
    6. Cameron Munster
    7. Brodie Croft
    8. Jesse Bromwich
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Nelson Asofa-Solomona
    11. Felise Kaufusi
    12. Kenneath Bromwich
    13. Dale Finucane

    14. Brandon Smith
    15. Christian Welch
    16. Tui Kamikamica
    17. Patrick Kaufusi

    18. Ryan Papenhuyzen
    19. Tom Eisenhuth
    20. Billy Walters
    21. Marion Seve
    1. Darius Boyd (c)
    2. Corey Oates
    3. James Roberts
    4. Jack Bird
    5. Jamayne Isaako
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Kodi Nikorima
    8. Matthew Lodge
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. Alex Glenn
    12. Jaydn Su’A
    13. Matt Gillett

    14. Kotoni Staggs
    15. David Fifita
    16. Thomas Flegler
    17. Tevita Pangai

    18. Shaun Fensom
    19. Patrick Carrigan
    20. Sean O’Sullivan
    21. Gehamat Shibasaki
    Coach: Craig BellamyCoach: Anthony Seibold
    Officials: Gerard Sutton, Matt Noyen
    Sideline Officials: Nick Beashel, Belinda Sleeman
    Video Review Officials: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea
    Venue: Aami Park
    Kickoff: 6:50 pm
    Broadcast: Channel 9; Foxleague
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  2. Can't wait to put 40 on them. It's a new era.
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  3. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    We'll need to be a lot better than what we just saw, but very happy to be getting Melbourne in Melbourne in Round One.
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  4. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    Game on, moles!
  5. Morkel


    Held on to the ball in the second half, scored 4 tries. Granted, at least the last two of Glenn's were down to the awful defensive reads of Ash Taylor (the first one I didn't see).

    I was laughing at the last try. I though "I don't know who that fat prop is that scored, but he supported really well". You guys were right about Kennar needing to lose a few.
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  6. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    Source: Courier Mail.

    If Glenn needs to start in game 1 so does Niko.
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  7. "Glenn then pounced on a Sean O’Sullivan in the 59th minute"

    Wonder how Sean felt about that?
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  8. Sproj


    The team I think it will be for round 1:

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Bird
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. KNik
    8. Lodge
    9. Macca
    10. Joffa
    11. Glenn
    12. Fifita
    13. Gillett

    14. Staggs
    15. TPJ
    16. Flegler
    17. Su’A
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  9. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Haha I thought the same thing about the fat prop, and was shocked when they said Richie Kennar scored. I was like man that guy has some toe for a fat bloke.
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  10. Morkel


    Closest player I could think of with that body shape was Mago, but don’t think he was playing.
  11. Nepal Donkeys

    Nepal Donkeys BRL Player

    If fit, I’m expecting to see:

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Bird
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. Nikorima
    8. Lodge
    9. McCullough
    10. Ofahengaue
    11. Glenn
    12. Gillett
    13. Pangai Jnr
    14. Carrigan
    15. Fifita
    16. Sua
    17. Stages
    Think the heat is on a few in the first month. O’Sullivan looks to be, at worst, a competent NRL half and should be pushing Nikorima (Dearden could be flat out special but yet to drink a legal beer yet). Isaako should be close to replacing Boyd at 1 if Seibold has the gonads to do it (which he should). Bird and Roberts both under pressure from Staggs.

    Bring on the proper season. I cannot f***ing wait for a new era and hopefully a new attitude.
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  12. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Melbourne have lost Scott Drinkwater to a torn pec. That should help our cause
  13. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    I want to beat them with their best team.
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  14. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    **** that I just want to smash the ****... don't care if they send out the sunny coast Falcons or their full strength squad just destroy those pricks
  15. Sproj


    Drinkwater hasn’t looked overly special anyway, will be interesting to see who Bellamy goes with in the 1.
  16. Yeah, I actually thought for a second that was Mago but then there was a close up and I got confused until I looked up the team list.
  17. pagey

    pagey NRL Captain

    Hughes would be my guess, good player imo
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  18. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    It will take a few rounds for the team to gel and click with one another but I'm expecting a tough, gritty, win at all costs attitude. Tough D, solid attack throwing good shape and minimal penalties with excellent ball control. That's all I'm expecting against our bogey side Melbourne.
  19. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I don't think you can get all that in the first round of the season. Or even the first month and a bit of the season. Teams will always start rusty. Just not giving away dropped ball or penalties and winning the power game should be enough to win.
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    Storm losing in NQ and the boys just getting home can only spell disaster for our opener against them at AAMI.
    They will target the unsettled Bird and run all sweeping plays down the left edge.
    Milf returning underdone will also cop a lot of defensive pressure.
    Whoever slots in for Billy will do a hell of alot better than our limp fullback, whilst their hooker controls the game (and the refs) to his whim.
    Storm 13+
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