PRE-GAME [Round 15, 2022] Broncos vs Storm

17 Jun 2022 07:55 PM


# Player Player #
1 N.Meaney T.Martin 1
2 D.Ieremia C.Oates 2
3 M.Seve K.Staggs 3
4 J.Olam B.Lee 4
5 G.Anderson S.Cobbo 5
6 C.Munster E.Mam 6
7 J.Hughes T.Roberts 7
8 J.Bromwich C.Jensen 8
9 H.Grant B.Walters 9
10 N.Asofa-Solomona P.Haas 10
11 F.Kaufusi K.Capewell 11
12 K.Bromwich J.Riki 12
13 J.King P.Carrigan 13
14 B.Smith J.Turpin 14
15 T.Kamikamica K.Hetherington 15
16 T.Loiero T.Flegler 16
17 C.Lewis K.Palasia 17
22 T.Wishart J.Pereira 18

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Super Freak

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Jan 25, 2014
So far the favourites have lost this round.

Can the theme continue?


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Jun 5, 2019
Jeez the Cowboys have no quit in them.


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Feb 20, 2017
Thanks, appreciate it. Yeah I am. I've got more planned as well. POTY Leaderboard, head-to-head etc.. As soon as I can decide on a design.
Do a few generic broncos posters that can be printed. i could do with a bit of broncos merch on my wall. Rather put it to a good cause like this site, or you personally than pay for some of the other crap available.


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Feb 20, 2017
That's fair enough, but there are reasons to be cheerful.


Broncos vs Storm is like the Bledisloe Cup of RL. Melbourne being NZ. We expect to lose. We usually do. Penrith might be this years girl, but our problems against Melbourne go back to inception. They're deep rooted and psychological. Like we're playing our former selves.​
If you were to ask any Broncos fan in the middle of last season, during preseason, at the beginning of this season, any time really, what would be the outcome of this match, the answer wouldn't be any different from now. With Reynolds, without Reynolds, we never expected to win this one. We still don't. We can.​
We've managed to outperform expectations all season. And one we didn't, the Cowboys, turns out we underestimated them badly. Everyone did. Like the Storm is underestimating us.​

While the Broncos see this match as the litmus test of the season, sadly the Storm doesn't. It's just another game for them. They'll turn up. Like every week. We will ambush them. Players will get hurt. Hopefully only theirs.​
Our forward pack is about as full strength as you could hope. We're carrying a few bruises and misfiring on a couple of cylinders thanks to ongoing injuries, but our reserve depth says our pack aren't the underdogs. Carrigan, Flegler, Haas and Capewell: these blokes are top tier.​
Our spine is weak; there's no way to sugarcoat it. But it's been playing to Kev's formula. With and without Reynolds that's been working because our edges have been watertight and ruthless. And our new fullback isn't bleeding points. Tonight won't be much different.​
Melbourne isn't full strength either. Pap and Coates (don't laugh) are their top tryscorers. We're better for their loss.​

A win tonight, especially a win without Reynolds, isn't just a wake-up call to the competition and validation of our top 4 status, it will be a mighty klaxon blast heralding us as grand final contenders capable of upsetting anyone on the night. A modest loss will play to expectations and position on the table. Most are expecting a heavy loss. Not going to happen.​
Individually, we have incentives across the board:​
Oates & Flegler: nothing short of an Origin trial. Flegler will be mental. Bank that.​
Martin & Riki: NZ beckons. A first for Jordan.​
Haas: desperate to win back Broncos fans and also prove his worth to other clubs.​
Staggs: big danger of being dropped by NSW. Another trial.​
Mam: must own the 6 before Tyson recovers.​
Walters: facing No.1 hooker in the comp. Still unsigned.​
Palasia: regular but off contract next season.​
Turpin & Roberts: not just unrated but roundly maligned. Literally playing for their careers.​
No one is pumped to see Tyrone Roberts get his chance, and not many more to see the return of Jake Turpin. Tonight could realistically be Tyrone's swansong in the NRL. Or it could be the highlight of the reel his agent shops around for his next contract. He has everything to prove. His rugby league career literally hangs by the thread of his performance tonight. Jake, not quite as desperate, and he'll get a few games after tonight, but he too is playing for his career. Jake has it in him. We've seen it. But not for a long time.​
Brenko in for Herbie is less dramatic. His future looks safe at the Dolphins so we can only hope he puts in. Fans will miss Herbie, particularly his tireless defence, but Brenko will not be a gaping talent hole who'll cost us the game. Unlike Roberts in for Reynolds, there's even a chance the one time Origin rep might even be an improvement on Herbie. A chance, I said. A chance. Enough already.​
If Carrigan and Flegler can make Munster hurt every time he touches the football, we'll get them on the back foot. We've put every team in the last couple of months on that foot. We can do it again tonight.​
Write off the Brisbane Broncos at your peril. The worst scenario is we fall to 5th on the table.​

Well done mate. You have a talent.
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