LIVE Round 16 - Broncos vs Raiders

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NRL - Round 16
Saturday, 30th of June, 2018
broncos.gif raiders.gif
1. Darius Boyd
2. Corey Oates
3. James Roberts
4. Jordan Kahu
5. Jamayne Isaako
6. Anthony Milford
7. Kodi Nikorima
8. Matthew Lodge
9. Andrew McCullough
10. Sam Thaiday
17. Alex Glenn
12. Jaydn Su'a
13. Josh Mcguire

14. Patrick Mago
15. Joe Ofahengaue
16. Tom Opacic
18. Korbin Sims

20. Sam Tagataese
21. David Fifita
22. Kotoni Staggs
21. Brad Abbey
2. Nick Cotric
3. Jarrod Croker
4. Joseph Leilua
5. Michael Oldfield
6. Blake Austin
7. Aidan Sezer
8. Iosia Soliola
9. Josh Hodgson
10. Shannon Boyd
11. Joseph Tapine
12. Elliot Whitehead
13. Josh Papalii

14. Siliva Havili
15. Junior Paulo
16. Dunamis Lui
17. Liam Knight

18. Jack Murchie
20. Craig Garvey
Coach: Wayne BennettCoach: Ricky Stuart
Officials: Chris Sutton, Alan Shortall
Sideline Officials: Clayton Sharpe, Liam Kennedy
Video Review Officials: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Kickoff: 7:35pm
Broadcast: Foxleague
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Expecting the worst. Bench looks really weak.
I'd say Roberts or Kahu must be under a bit of an injury cloud to be carrying a center. If we get Sims on his game, he could be a good option, Offa is a great option, Fafita we just dont know about yet. Cant make my mind up whether its a weak bench or not.
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