PRE-GAME Round 20 - Broncos vs Storm


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NRL - Round 20
Friday, 2nd of August, 2019

broncos.gif storm.gif
1. Anthony Milford
2. Corey Oates
3. Kotoni Staggs
4. Alex Glenn
5. Jamayne Isaako
6. Darius Boyd
7. Jake Turpin
8. Matthew Lodge
9. Andrew McCullough
10. Payne Haas
11. David Fifita
12. Matt Gillett
13. Thomas Flegler

14. James Segeyaro
15. Joe Ofahengaue
16. Rhys Kennedy
17. Patty Carrigan

18. Tom Dearden
19. Herbie Farnworth
20. Xavier Coates
21. Shaun Fensom
1. Jahrome Hughes
2. Suliasi Vunivalu
3. Will Chambers
4. Justin Olam
5. Josh Addo-Carr
6. Cameron Munster
7. Brodie Croft
8. Jesse Bromwich
9. Cameron Smith
10. Nelson Asofa-Solomona
11. Felise Kaufusi
12. Kenneath Bromwich
13. Dale Finucane

14. Brandon Smith
15. Christian Welch
16. Joe Stimson
17. Ryan Papenhuyzen

18. Marion Seve
19. Tui Kamikamica
20. Tino Faasuamaleaui
21. Sandor Earl
Coach: Anthony SeiboldCoach: Craig Bellamy
Referees: Gerard Sutton, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski
Sideline Officials: Kasey Badger, Nick Beashel
Video Referees: Ashley Klein, Bryan Norrie
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Kickoff: 7:55 pm
Broadcast: Channel 9; Foxleague; Kayo
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NRL Captain
With Glenn injured Boyd is our next best left centre.

I really hope Fifi isn't moved to centre.... he's too damaging in the second row and was getting shown up a little at centre tonight.

Gave me a bit of hope to see Boyd shifted out to left centre at the end

Rookie Alan

NYC Player
1, Milf
2, Oates
3, Staggs
4, Boyd ( Glenn if not injured or quick recovered )
5, Issako
6, Turpin
7, Dearden
8, Lodge
9, Macca
10, Haas
11, Fifita
12, Gillett
13, Flegler

14, Segeyaro
15, Joffa
16, Carrigan
17, Kenny

TPJ is suspended for sure given his carry points, let’s see what differences Gillett can bring to our game


State of Origin Captain
The Broncos proved, at least to me that they had the right mindset. They ground away to begin with and then started scoring. Against Melbourne the grind will last much longer. Stinging defence and good ball security. Get through our sets and get down and dirty like the Sharks have shown works. I think the boys will be up for it and I give us a show. I hope Manly bash them tonight.


NRL Player
TPJ picked the worst time to get suspended. We really could have used him in this.
They’ll rub him out for a few weeks for sure.

But it should have been penalty, nothing more.

Shouldn’t have been put on report and definitely shouldn’t have been a sin bin.
It wasn’t late, it wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t dangerous.

A year ago and the commentators are waxing lyrical about the brutal hit. Now it’s looking more and more like TRL every week.

I bleed Maroon

State of Origin Captain
This year the NRL have demonstrated a concerning desire to ref contact out of the game. This administration is obnoxiously out of touch with the audience they're supposed to be serving.

Pub Steak

QCup Player
Tpj should not be charged. That would be utter garbage. On a positive manly and storm game is into extra time. Hopefully it lasts and the storm are gassed for next week

Super Freak

International Captain
**** them.

We'll make it two in a row.

They played the full 90 and lost anyway, we will extend their misery.
If we can play like Manly did in the first half, we'll give ourselves a chance. If we just play one out and try to grind out a win, we'll lose.

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