POST GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

I bleed Maroon

State of Origin Captain
Same shit, different smell. Boyd and McC are completely out of their depth and are making our attack look like a laughing joke. If Fifita and Haas weren't in this side, god fucking help us.

We deserved to lose, but if I ever get the chance to piss on Ben Cummins front door, watch out.

I bleed Maroon

State of Origin Captain
Wasn't meant to be clearly, any other day and Cook doesn't stop Oates
- Merged

The dirtiest defeat I've ever experienced. Souffs were throwing cheap shots at us all night and were rewarded for it in the end.
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Dazza 92

NRL Player
we let this one go...we really did...we threw it away with ineptitude form the coaches box and ineptitude in attack and execution....

Im so sorry, I'm done with Macca and Boyd....they can both leave now....**** off the pair of are both done at this level...accept it and go....


International Captain
Honestly pretty epic finals like game all in all.

Once again, I'll put this loss down to shit coaching.

We criticise players for being bad, the coach should be blamed too.

Awful use of the bench. Still selecting Boyd at 6. Milford is not a fullback. Our attacking structure is totally non existent.

If he was brought in to bring us "modern football" I'm certainly not seeing it.

The effort was there, the guys are playing for Seibold but FFS, make the right selections and bring this so called attacking structure.

All our trys are basically individual brilliance.


International Rep
Boyd and Macca, we won't be competing for a premiership while they are in the spine. They might not be horrible, but just not good enough.
Milford is just not worth the money he's getting paid. Either re-sign him on 500-600K or cut him IMO. Not many players are worth a million, and he's absolutely not one of them either.
Ofa and Gillett are just mediocre now. Don't see what Ofa has that much cheaper teenage rookies Carrigan and Flegler don't. Maybe shittier defence?

Fifita and Haas are the only real highlights. It's sad that two forwards with barely any experience are probably the best players in this side now. Not anyone in the spine, two forwards with ~20 games of experience.

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