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    What do you guys make of his eligibility?

    Seems to have exploded, perhaps even more than the Tamou situation and I've got to say I find this whole eligibility issue has gotten way out of hand. I think it's crap that a player hasn't committed to a country by the age of 18 or when he's a virtual nobody & really can't believe that those forms he signed to NZ weren't binding.

    I doubt the selectors will consider him this series but the controversy certainly has a lot of tongues wagging.

    So how do you think this situation should be resolved? It certainly seems like those new eligibility rules did bupkiss for the game.
  1. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    As Gorden Tallis said on NRL Xtra last night about Kasiano, if you don't know which State you want to play for by the age of 7, you shouldn't play Origin. He also said, if you are born in NZ or end sentences with bro, you play for NZ. lol (or words similar)
  2. Dexter


    I don't think for a second that the rules were changed for anyones benefit except NSW but NZ are as much to blame as anyone IMO.

    They must have some way of identifying kids who have duel eligibility and they should be coming up with a way of making them NZ players.

    If I was NZ I would be selecting a NZ B side and sending them on a tour anywhere but that way the players they want will have played for NZ at senior level and will be locked in.
    There's no point bitching about it after a player develops and they realize he could jump ship.
  3. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    7 is probably a little too early, but I definitely agree with this.
  4. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Don't want him or need him IMO. It's getting ridiculous. Fix the rule
  5. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it's a reflection of how relatively meaningless (and financially unrewarding) Internationals are. There are more competitive teams playing Origin than there are playing test matches.

    So really, why shouldn't James and Sam prefer to play origin? I mean, a bloke like Uate can choose, just because someone is from NZ instead of Fiji doesn't mean they shouldn't get the same chance to play the only meaningful level of representative football.
  6. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Uate shouldnt be playing origin either IMO. he moved to australia when he was 15. thats an absolute joke that he is playing for NSW.
  7. The answer to all this crap is simple. Let Kiwi born players who started their senior careers in Australia play for NZ, and play Origin.

    The notion that Origin eligibility should depend on Australian eligibility is out of date given the league landscape these days with so many polynesians moving to Australia in their pre-early teens.
  8. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    I don't think it's as controversial as Tamou, because when Kasiano first came into grade he was touted as a I always thought he'd already committed to the maroons?

    I think the solution is that players when they sign their first contract with an NRl club declare country/state. And from there it's non-negotiable.

    Having lived in both states growing up, it's just not black & white to say "you are X because of where you were born/raised"
  9. This!
    It will also help strenghten the international game.
  10. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    I don't even get why the QLD selectors are contemplating selecting him. Unless they drop Hannant or Petero we have no need for another prop in the side. It would be a colossal **** up if we picked him instead of Dave Taylor. I'd pick McGuire before Kasiano anyway.
  11. I agree, it's a circus about nothing. But it's a circus that will be repeated for numerous players in the coming years because more and more players move from pacific islander countries, or even England, at a young age and then make their way through the junior representative ranks in Australia.

    I have no reason to believe they're any less passionate about Queensland (or NSW...lulz, passion) than they are about their home country. Yet they may have less passion to play for Australia.

    So why not let guys like Kasiano play for Queensland and New Zealand? If they're 100% committed to both, why not?
    I know lots of people who were born overseas and proudly call themselves Queenslanders, yet they would also proudly call themselves Kiwi before calling themselves Australian.
  12. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    IMO those people are hypocrites.

    If you think you're a QLDer, but you rock a silver fern on the back window of your car, you are NOT a QLDer.

    You can't be a Queenslander/New South Welshman and not be Australian. It's that simple.


    **** oath. I hate your idea coxy lol. sorry to say but that is one of the worst ideas ive ever heard. The solution is to have the same rules applied to both origin and international. Either make it where u were born, or where u played ur first senior game, and apply that rule to both. That'll sort these issues out without making origin a kiwi fest like ur suggestion would

    Or, use mrslong's suggestion. make them choose early on and thats it.
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  14. Origin is an exhibition game. It's state based. State loyalty isn't something born. It's something learned. It's no longer a trial for the Australian team and so shouldn't be restricted only to Australian players.

    Internationals are different. Many people have rightful claims to representing two or more countries. They should have the right to represent whichever one they feel most closely connected to.

    There's nothing to suggest a Sam Kasiano can't be as passionate about Queensland as he is about New Zealand.
    Look at Brad Thorn. Life long dream to play for New Zealand in rugby. A loyal and passionate Queenslander too.

    Rugby League is hurting itself with this circus and xenophobia.
  15. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    if youre born in NZ, your "state of origin" is not QLD or NSW. Therefore, no origin for you. I think that some exceptions should be made for cases where someone was born in NZ etc but moved here while they were infants/very young kids - like less than 5 years old - but if you moved here when you were 10+, you should not be playing State of Origin. easily done on a case by case basis upon a player first registering with the NRL.

    It should be if you were not born in QLD/NSW OR didnt move here while <5 years old then you cannot play State of Origin. no ifs, buts or maybes. no origin for you.

    The Tamou selection was the biggest blight on State of Origin selections in history, bar none. NSW-men can claim Inglis is worse all they want, but at least hes from the right freaking country! They need to change the rules so theres no more Tamou like selections, where its purely money determining who the player plays for.


    I dont know how u can be a Queenslander, without being an aussie. We cant have origin turn into an "all stars" game which is what your idea would do. They need to make the rules black and white. Sure, kasiano could be outrageously passionate about qld, but if he doesnt fit within the rules then bad luck.

    its QLD vs NSW. The more we change that the worse off origin will be.
  17. How will it be worse off?
    At the moment the whole eligibility furore and pathetic bitching that goes on between the camps is making Origin worse off. It's become a soap opera, and frankly it's detracting from the quality of the games.

    I'm happy if they go with the xenophobic way and ban anyone not born in Australia playing Origin. It'll fit in with our generally racist/xenophobic culture ;-)

    But there can't be an exception for "up to 5 years old"...because how do you determine that state passion starts then? That's the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever heard.

    It's either all, or none. Otherwise it's the same bullshit grey areas.
  18. And then what about people born and bred in Australia? What if you were born in QLD, moved to NSW when you were 5. No longer eligible for QLD? Must play for NSW? Or can only play for QLD even though you might not give a **** about QLD?

    Honestly. Make it open slather. The game will be better off that way.
  19. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    same deal - case by case basis based on how old you were when you moved. dont see how thats hard to get from my post. i didnt specifically mention Tonga/Fiji/UK/America, but that doesnt mean the NZ example of moving doesnt apply across the board.

    itll be worse off because it wont even resemble the "state of origin" concept.

    and remember, NSW are the only ones bitching about origin eligibility. QLD didnt so much as make a peep about Tamou the New Zealander saying how much he wanted to play for NZ and then 4 days later turning around and saying how much he wants to play for Australia and NSW instead. the QLD team said nothing.

    its not xenophobic/racist at all. being a male im not allowed to use the female rest rooms - is that sexist? no. so not being born in QLD/NSW meaning that you cant play in a QLD/NSW state or origin match isnt racist.

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