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    To be honest, even if they get citizenship in another country they should still have to represent the country they first nominated.
    I could almost stomach a right to appeal to an international tribunal to change allegiance under the proviso that they had not yet represented the country they signed to be aligned to. But that would still open up the potential for people to switch allegiance simply because they get approached by someone else - which is really what the whole problem is about.

    My belief that NZ reps should, if qualified under QLD/NSW eligibility, play Origin would still be a possible future addition under this "sign your allegiance" plan, it would just only apply to players registering from that point on. I think in time, given Australia's growing multi-ethnicity, people will realise state allegiance isn't intertwined with Australian allegiance, but I don't think people are "there" yet.

    As usual I'm about 5-10 years ahead of the game.
  1. Dexter


    The only problem we have now is players born overseas (namely NZ) not Aus born players. The problem is NZs to fix, not ours.

    All they have to do is name a NZ B side every year and send them somewhere,(PNG FIJI etc). Problem solved, all there up and comers will be forced to make a decision before they are even considered for an origin place and are tempted to change there minds.
  2. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    NZ are planning their own origin concept. I hope it happens. Might help with the likes of Tamou and Kasiano jumping ship
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  3. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    So you have no problems telling a foreign-born Australian, that they indeed aren't Australian and can't represent their new country?

    That's very archaic for someone who's so advanced..... ;)

    TBF, I think if someone has lived in a country for 5 years, regardless of who they did play for if they chose to become Australian I wouldn't be upset. Say for an example, Benji Marshall takes the citizenship test and then denounces his NZ citizenship, he can play for QLD, as he would no longer be a dual citizen. That's such a huge decision for any person to make and IMO shows someone who is more worthy of being Australian than the vast majority of wasters we have in our country now.
  4. Anonymous person

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    why dont we just scrap everything and choose 2 captains and then they just pick 16 other players each and have at it for 3 games a year? thats essentially what some suggestions are sounding like.

    kiwis dont belong in origin, simple as that.
  5. Define kiwi...
  6. anzac7

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    Problem is that the players who have future hopes or thoughts toward playing origin just won't go and will do what they are doing at the moment, leaving the rep field BLANK (as Kasiano did).
  7. Dexter


    Well, no he didn't. He declared for NZ but until he actually plays for them at a senior level he can change his mind if he meets the Origin criteria .
  8. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    This is what I am referring to - it was printed in an article by the Herald Sun:

    "Conspiracy theorists suspected this was Queensland's way of getting Kasiano to commit while making no guarantee of selection, which wasn't coming. But once committed, he would be available for future series.

    Yet on Kasiano's eligibility form, the section asking for his preferred nation is actually ... blank. He didn't fill it in, despite reports. Maybe it was accidental.

    But more than a couple of mischievous managers have been accused of advising their players, while still quite young, not to limit themselves by committing too early.

    Leave it blank, see who's interested when you're older."
  9. dukey

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    The problem I have with allowing NZ reps to play Origin is that is has the potential to demolish the NZRL. If the selection criteria are the same as they are today (first senior rep footy in NSW or QLD) then any Kiwi player with a bit of talent is going to cross the ditch at 16-17 to play in Australian competitions to gain eligibility. That means the Warriors are stuck with the guys who aren't good enough to play Origin, or are forced to recruit NZ-raised players BACK from Australia. The domestic leagues take a hit, too, because their best players are all leaving for greener pastures. Rather than strengthening the NZ national team, it's hurting rugby league at its basest level.
  10. While the rules about Origin eligibility require you to have played your first senior footy (including schoolboys) in QLD/NSW, then that's not an issue.
  11. OXY-351

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    Anyone who has ever dreamt about a sheep and a tarago in the same dream
  12. That would be totes cool cause then Benji Marshall would be eligible for Queensland.
  13. anzac7

    anzac7 NYC Player

    Looks like they are thinking of a percentage rule (must have spent over 50% of your life in Australia to play Origin). While I think T'eo is a great player, and I 'think' his heart is pretty passionate for QLD - his words in this article did not really say anything about always wanting/dreaming to play for QLD - you be the judge.

    "I always wanted to test myself at the highest level and Origin is not something that has come easy for me, I've had to work hard." - Ben T'eo

    (Could just be the media choosing a sentence too)

    Article here:
  14. Anonymous person

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    at least he didnt say "its a career decision" like Tamou. ie. "its about the money".
  15. Dexter


    Once again I shake my head at the NZRL. The 50% rule would have to be implemented by the ARLC, so they are telling us what they think is best them.

    If they are that worried about it they should come up with something which they can control to lock in their future stars and soon.
    The longer this debate drags on the more their kids are going to start thinking how much they want to play origin.
  16. Hamm.0

    Hamm.0 NRL Captain

    TBF, I'm probably the biggest Te'O fan on here (just like to remind you all how much Broncos will miss him), but he's kiwi as bro. He was a junior kiwi and talks like Jake the Muss.
  17. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    oh for sure. but hes not more kiwi than Tamou, so any qualms that NSW might have about QLD selecting him are stupid.
  18. But I assume you will be booing him on Wednesday, since you don't believe Kiwis should be in Origin, right AP?
  19. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    Nope, because he's playing for QLD. Kidley could play for QLD and I'd cheer him the second he runs out on the field for us.

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